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Summary  The Serpent's Shadow (Elemental Masters) Woman doctor as she searches for the secret behind the sorcery in her blood. A great series of books reimagining classic fairy tales into something a little different a lovely world setting with the existence of mages hidden within society At times the stories can feel a little clich d and as you go through the series the nature of magic and individual relationships with it seems to change for no explained reason but nonetheless these are well written books that tend to build tension slowly and like the fairy tales from which they derive have some interesting moral dilemas

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Summary  The Serpent's Shadow (Elemental Masters) N Mercedes Lackey's uniue departure from her Valdemar series follows a young. What a marvelous Snow White retelling Who knew Snow White was from India and her seven animal companions were special indeedI particularly liked that Snow White Maya s mother refused to teach her daughter Eastern magic insisting that the daughter had her father s Western magic and needed to be taught by a Westerner instead Turns out of course Maya has both but her mother had wanted to keep her hidden from mom s evil twin sister this story s evil stepmotherVery lush exotic atmosphere PLUS the world of the Elemental Masters Highly recommended

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Summary  The Serpent's Shadow (Elemental Masters) From the magical mysteries of India to the gaslit streets of Victorian Londo. This is a story of discrimination and discovery for a young woman in VictorianEdwardian England Maya Witherspoon is a half caste Anglo Indian who trained as a Doctor in India and has now come to England to escape the vengeance of her sorceress Aunt and her Thugee cult It seems no one wants her to be a doctor and there is the added problem of her own magic inherited from her father Her struggles to become accepted as a Doctor in an antagonistic medical milieu the racial discrimination are handled well and there is good sense of the change in the air of England of that time Maya also has magical helpers and a cast of characters straight out of Dickens to help and hinder her A truly enjoyable read I was swept along on this adventure did not want it to end