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A Fire Within: Sekret Machines Series, Book 2 review  3 By Tom DeLonge,A. J. Hartley É 3 free read They have witnessed what is beyond the bounds of possibility Lights sailing across Nevada's desert night sky in fluid and rapid motions that are impossible for even the most technologically advanced aircraft They have encountered those responsible for the unexplained Men in black suits white lab coats and military uniforms who do not want their secrets exposed  Brought together by fate or phenomena heiress Jennifer uinn journal. A very intertaining book that is a very well researched Listen folks The bell Die Gloxcke operation high jump nazis in Argentina secret black budget programs such as the Aurora project Etc all real The locust is a real plane In Tom s group one of the members headed up advanced and experimental aircraft at skunkworks another ran the advanced aerospace threat identification program at the Pentagon was recently all over the newsI have no doubt Tom is being used by the guys and a lot of this at stuff is half truths with a HEAVY American biasbht as cynical as if may sound this is better than nothing and I m happy they ve decided to release anything

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A Fire Within: Sekret Machines Series, Book 2

A Fire Within: Sekret Machines Series, Book 2 review  3 By Tom DeLonge,A. J. Hartley É 3 free read Ist Timika Mars pilot Alan Young and ex Marine Barry Regis are bonded by the incidents they've witnessed hunted by agents of a wealthy corporate cabal desperate for unimaginable power and possessed of extraordinary abilities they do not understand much less control  Now they're on a mission of their own As Alan and Barry test the limits of their strange gifts inside the military complex known as Dreamland Jennifer and Timika be. I particularly liked the references to alien technology in the service of man as I believe this rings true Somehow I couldn t uite grasp the characters as I had done with the first book The weaving of memories of ancient knowledge with potential unearthly influences also must have a grain of truth to it as Von D niken has been relating for years The propagation of alien rivalries as far as earth with their earthly counterparts and the continued search for power in ancient ruins made for a colorful yarn I liked less the mixing of English folklore with alien goodies and baddies but perhaps it s the price to pay for a satisfactory story outcome for this the second book in a series The original reason I started reading this series is because it was promised to give insights into the real alien technology which has been secured and is being tested out of Area 51 s most secret parts tallying with the Astra TR3B reports I didn t feel this book carried much weight in revealing those thingsSum up entertaining sci fi

By Tom DeLonge,A. J. Hartley É 3 free read

A Fire Within: Sekret Machines Series, Book 2 review  3 By Tom DeLonge,A. J. Hartley É 3 free read Gin a uest to locate an ancient tablet that may hold the answers to humanity's greatest uestion  Are we alone in the universe  Based on the accounts of credible UAP observers drawn from expert sources within the scientific military and intelligence communities Sekret Machines A Fire Within is the second fiction book within a multimedia project that has become part of the most ambitious investigation of the phenomenon in histor. Character development carries the story forward concepts from the first book are further evolved uestions about our place in the progressioninvolvement of Unusual Ariel Phenomenon further identified in this 2nd book well worth the read

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  • A Fire Within: Sekret Machines Series, Book 2
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