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Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel Free download ´ 104 From the shows creators comes the groundbreaking bestselling novel inspired by the hit Broadway show Dear Evan Hansenand soon to be a major motion pictureDear Evan Hansen Todays going to be an amazing day and heres whyWhen a letter that was never meant to be seen by anyone draws high school senior Evan Hansen into a familys griefover the loss of their son he is given the chance of a lifetime to belong He just has to stick to a lie he never meant to tell tha. DEH fanboys and girls those who have or haven t yet seen the show and those who don t care about musicals at all this book will satisfy them all NO SPOILERS in this review just a rundown of what I loved and didn t loveI m a person who can t tolerate sloppy or clich d prose and YA literature is rife with it This book is a happy exception It s very well written and briskly plotted with well drawn characters I could easily picture in my own mind The high uality writing is the best part of the book and in my opinion the most important part of any fiction bookEvan Hansen the protagonist is a bundle of neuroses self doubt and self loathing For me that got tiring after a bit but I m no longer a teenager It might be that if I were 16 or 17 I d feel a lot empathy Even so Evan is likable enough to sympathize with despite his many incredibly obvious blunders and history of awful decision making The ancillary characters are all vivid and well fleshed out mostly representing high school types we all know well I did feel that in terms of character development the adults are sketched out than thoroughly explored I think this is true to the teenage mind though which conceives of adults as somewhat mysterious and capricious and EH is a teen speaking in the first person so it s appropriateI haven t seen the show or heard the cast album but after reading the book I looked up the plot of the show It appears that there is an important character added in this book that helps flesh out Connor s story And Connor s story is left somewhat ambiguous we re teased with a was he or wasn t he uestion that s never answered That left me a little frustrated because it felt a bit like the writer backed off a potentially controversial character trait by leaving it open But that s a minor flaw Overall I was very surprised at how much I a grown adult with no particular interest in YA fiction enjoyed the writing the characters and the experience of reading the bookFOR PARENTS no spoilers of plot but a couple notes on content so don t read on if you don t want to know any There is a suicide in the book It s not described and there s nothing graphic but the aftermath reverberates throughout the story So this may not be a great book for younger kids struggling with self harm and depression There is also a relentless emphasis on Evan s mental health struggles If your child suffers from panic social anxiety or depression I d suggest you read the book yourself and decide whether your kid will feel empathy and relief at reading about others fighting the same battles or whether the content might trigger morbid feelings

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Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel Free download ´ 104 T the notoriously troubled Connor Murphy was his secret best friendSuddenly Evan isnt invisible any even to the girl of his dreams And Connor Murphys parents with their beautiful home on the other side of town have taken him in like he was their own desperate to know about their enigmatic son from his closest friendAs Evan gets pulled deeper into their swirl of anger regret and confusion he knows that what hes doing cant be right but if hes helping people h. I m so glad I got this book I hesitated as I love the show and got to see it in NYC but it s a wonderful addition to the musical It also stands on its own as a good story There s a lot backstory about Connor especially that adds to the experience and explains his motivesI know the play was based on a real story with changes I really enjoyed here how the lyrics for songs were brought in seamlessly though I think I was singing them in my headIt s a really inspirational story Since seeing the play I ve wished that it was available and this is a great way to spread it Though I m going to see the national tour when it comes to BostonHave you ever felt like nobody was thereHave you ever felt forgotten in the middle of nowhereHave you ever felt like you could disappearLike you could fall and no one would hearWell let that lonely feeling wash awayMaybe there s a reason to believe you ll be okay Cause when you don t feel strong enough to standYou can reach reach out your handAnd oh someone will coming runningAnd I know they ll take you homeEven when the dark comes crashing throughWhen you need a friend to carry youAnd when you re broken on the groundYou will be foundSo let the sun come streaming in Cause you ll reach up and you ll rise againLift your head and look aroundYou will be found

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Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel Free download ´ 104 Ow wrong can it beNo longer tangled in his once incapacitating anxiety this new Evan has a purpose And a website Hes confident Hes a viral phenomenon Every day is amazing Until everything is in danger of unraveling and he comes face to face with his greatest obstacle himselfA simple lie leads to complicated truths in this big hearted coming of age story of grief authenticity and the struggle to belong in an age of instant connectivity and profound isolation. Amazing book and would really recommend I d heard the music in Spotify and thought to read the book itself and it did not disappoint I bought it again as a thank you present to one of my teachers as I thought she would enjoy it and she s told me that so far she thinks that it s a great book

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