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  • 09 January 2018
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Read & Download Ý Stolen Hearts Way to see him by lamplight Her plan backfires and feeling spurned and betrayed Eros abandons her Not wanting to live with anyone but Eros Psyche sets out on a uest to regain the trust of her one true loveThis is a wonderful story of true love redemption and the conuering of impossible odds during the golden age of mytholog. I liked the story but could ve done without the narrator trying to teach a young girl a lesson Why can t it ever just be

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Read & Download Ý Stolen Hearts Finds himself falling in love with Psyche Unable to resist her allure he whisks her away to a palace in the sky Wanting Psyche to fall in love with him for who he is and not for his name or looks Eros hides his true identity from her and forbids her to see him in the lightPersuaded by her two jealous sisters Psyche plots a. A tale within a tale told by a teacher to her stundentI love the bautiful illustations that remained faithful to the orgi

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Read & Download Ý Stolen Hearts In the time of myths and legendsAphrodite the Greek goddess of beauty has grown jealous of a young girl named Psyche She is envious of the praise being heaped upon the mortal girl for her splendour The goddess decides to dispatch her mischievous son Eros the god of love to perform a nasty trickWhen the trick goes awry Eros. Interesting telling Some of the art seemed in consistent in places as it was hard to tell Psyche from Aphrodite