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characters × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lisa Tawn Bergren Lisa Tawn Bergren ☆ 0 characters review Torrent River of Time #3 Medieval Italy But remaining there means facing great risk as the battle for territory wages on and the Black Plague looms Will the Betarrinis truly be willing to risk it all Or in facing death head on will they discover life as it was always meant to be live. I finished the first 3 books a while ago but I feel that I need to write this review I know mine will not matter much but I need to try to get the number of stars down because it definitely doesn t deserve an average of 424 I mean come on Do you know who has around the same amount Diana Gabaldon Are you really going to tell me that her Outlander series is eual to this one Let me tell you this it s not even coming close If you want to read a GREAT time travel novel with admirable characters Read Outlander it will not disappointI have never been disappointed in a book I picked based on goodreads reviews I was expecting a lot because of that I probably shouldn t have the last mortal instrument got 449 just looked that one up haven t yet read it probably will never either but judging her previous it should have never even gotten close to that or maybe I outgrew the Young Adult genre I don t know but Lisa Tawn Bergren just didn t deliver in my eyesSPOILERS First of all the author is trying to be way to cool in her writing style since it s been a while I don t remember all the specific typical teenage girl words she used but I ll give you the one I remember Duh I don t even know what to say about that This is not fanfiction lady You can show in a different way that you are writing about a young teenage girl The amount of time I have been rolling my eyes reading shit like this is not normal it should have damaged them But it didn t luckily The heroine Gabriella Bergren probably tried to write about a brave young girl who her readers could relate to but it was just laughable Gabriella was not brave she was stupid Nothing nothing less She throws herself in every dangerous situation she can forcing the people who love her to risk their lifes If she even acknowledges that later she just shrugs it off with an but I didn t ask for that attitude No you didn t but you knew very well they would do it If you don t want to think about your own safety then for goodness sake think about the safety of the people around you Selfish entitled brat in the end she dares to have a mental breakdown Your kidding me right Do I have to feel sorry now Nope sorry not happeningOk lets talk about all those dangerous situations the characters in this novel have to face Do you think for one moment they suffered anything worse then a broken bone One even survived the plague the infamous black death You know The one which killed 30 to 60% of all Europeans back then Not to worry back on his feet in a day or two One likeable fairly major character died throughout the 3 books One Let s repeat that again ONE If you don t want your characters do die Mrs Lisa T Bergren i m sure you could have found yourself a peaceful time in history without war and the black dead knocking on your backdoor It would have made everything a little believable to use your words DUH The last thing im going to throw on the table is the time travel concept Way to easy You can cross it as many times as you want nothing happens You can even take someone with you all they have to do is hold onto you really tight Isn t that great wait for it it also heals you even if your deadly poisoned Welp that s certainly easy Last but certainly not least you just simply bring someone back from the dead by travelling back to before they died and get them the hell out of there That way Gabriella her sister father and mother can be one big happy family in fourteenth century Italy But let s not forget Gabriella shouldn t have it too easy convincing her family why they shouldn t just go right back to the safe battleplague free 21st century Practical down to earth sissy falls in love too how convenient could have seen that one coming from the beginning and mother and father decide that in modern times we lost the essence of life or some stupid shit like that I need alcohol even thinking about it lots of it Now let me get to bed and cry myself to sleep again that I waisted all that time reading the river of time series

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characters × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lisa Tawn Bergren Lisa Tawn Bergren ☆ 0 characters review Torrent River of Time #3 C battles and fallen in love with handsome knights willing to do anything to keep them aliveThey've returned with their mother to the present to save their father before his tragic death and now the family travels back to the place that holds the girls' hearts. The concept of this book could have been really good I read this one because after hating the middle book I wanted to finish the series as a whole to see how the end turned out I still think the first book is the strongest of the three This one is probably just as awkward as the second book sadly Time travel is never an easy thing to write about The language the author puts into her main characters head seems so mom ish Its what a mom thinks a teenager thinks like One of the major flaws of the series is in the second book The whole awkwardness with the mom appearing making Marcello and Gabriella s moments together childish and super awkward This is 5x intensified with awkwardness with the appearance of the dad This one big happy family thing in the story is so old and makes the romantic love seem unbelievable I also find it really hard to believe that every member of the family would be ok with living out the rest of their lives never seeing the present time again just to satisfy Gabi being able to be with Marcello The concept is just to perfect at the end And the selfishness Gabriella eludes is annoying She doesn t consider any option but staying with Marcello She gets overly sensitive when her parents start talking about other possibilities Its just weird In the middle of the story their are glimmers of what this book could have been The bits when Gabriella is away from Marcello and captured and forced into almost marrying that other guy it was actually intriguing Then the family Marcello comes to rescue her and its all awkward again It makes me think that at least I know their is a good story hidden somewhere in this book but it does not come into focus because it was not executed wellThe dialog is riddled with cliches I got to eye rolling every time I read a yeah this is gonna be good or Marcello is the one this is true love or something along the lines of saying bring it YuckIf the author was going to write a fun witty love story then Luca should have been the lead His character was actually enjoyable to read He had the best lines

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characters × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lisa Tawn Bergren Lisa Tawn Bergren ☆ 0 characters review Torrent River of Time #3 Would you sacrifice your future for an uncertain pastGabriella and Evangelia Betarrini are just two normal American teenagers Normal except for the fact that they time travel to fourteenth century Italy where they've lived in castles become swept up in histori. Favourite uote And yet this is part of it too This deep dark grief it kind of shakes you up makes you appreciate life love It opens your heartThe River of Time is one of my favourite series so I was super excited to get my hands on an early copy of the final installment Torrent And what an incredible read It was everything I hope for and so much Again Lisa Tawn Bergren has written another exciting and suspense filled plot There are so many pulse pounding moments as Gabi and her love ones are never far from danger But it isn t just action and adventure but also a insightful and meaningful story It reminds you to appreciate every moment you haveGosh I adore these characters They are the type you admire and who inspire you to be a better person It is always hard to pick a favourite out of this outstanding bunch but it would have to be Gabi with her strength courage and kindness She really has grown and mature so much in the series Then you have Marcello and he is much than just an Italian hottie He is smart loyal brave and has such a beautiful and caring soul In this installment Gabi s family plays such a large part of the story It is great to read a book with such strong and positive family presence Now talk about swoon Torrent had plenty of heart melting moments And I was surprised as another character tempted my heart away from Marcello which I thought impossible I wish I could say but I don t want to spoil the book for you I am hoping and begging that Lisa Tawn Bergren will decide to write this character a spin off series because I am in love againOverall Torrent was amazing My favourite out of the three and a perfect end to an unforgettable series If you like stories full of adventure and romance then this is a must read Amber please click view spoilerLord Greco is all mine hide spoiler