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  • Hardcover
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  • Ancient Worlds
  • Richard Miles
  • English
  • 06 June 2017
  • 9780713997941

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Ancient Worlds Free download Ë 109 Anging from the Euphrates to the Roman Empire to understand the roots of human civilization An enjoyable and very readable introduction to the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia Egypt Greece and RomeI have read individual books in the past about all these civilisations and came to this wanting information about MesopotamiaThis book presents a persuasive argument about how civilisations have built on previous attempts and how this process works So as well as coming away with a greater knowledge of Mesopotamia I also now far better understand why each of these civilisations came into existence and why they failedBy necessity in a book of this nature much has to be omitted but you are free to go and read about what interests you in greater detail What it does is try to give you an overarching framework into which to fit the various ancient worlds and it does a very good job at this

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Ancient Worlds Free download Ë 109 Re scattered across the landscape Here Richard Miles recreates these extraordinary cities r uite a canvas for 340 pages so unsurprisingly a bit unevenThe coverage of early Mesopotamian civilisations is uite descriptive and a little patchy Nevertheless it sets out the uestion of why civilisations began to spontaneously form and what their common properties might beThe Bronze age civilisations are covered fully and compellingly with interesting discussions on Egypt and the collapses caused by the Sea People and rigidity of theocraciesHowever the discussion of Egypt mirrors the approach taken with Greece and especially with Rome This is definitely not a chronological perspective so the focus is strongly on the power structures of the Athenian democracy and Alexander s imperial striding in the eastThe last third of the book implicitly ties together these ideas of civilisation by considering the relative stabilities of Roman power in the various phases of its dominanceOverall this is a very interesting book and thought provoking book at least for a reader with a curiosity and some passing knowledge of the classical civilisations It is certainly neither a bluffers introduction nor a text in academic depthI have not yet been able to see the documentary series it accompanied but it seems to be the book of the film than the story of ideas which was subseuently filmed

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Ancient Worlds Free download Ë 109 Across the Middle East the Mediterranean and the Nile Delta awe inspiring monstrous ruins a a good introduction to early history of European civilizations starting from the ancient cities of the Ira region through to the roman empire charting the complex interplay between different societies and cultures arguably doing a great job to show much each branch of the tree of civilisation owes to all others for a basic read on ancient history and the origins of some of the central ideas of western civilisation this isnt a bad starting point at all