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Hinges AUTHOR Grace Dane Mazur Read & Download ´ 105 Ng Hell Rubens Vermeer and others Mazur contemplates writing attention Hades the gates of Hell trap doors demons love the human body forbidden looking Virgil Ovid Nicodemus Nighttown and the melancholy of twiligh. Hinges is a compilation of 5 essays The Hinges of Hell The World of Fiction and the Land of the Dead Forbidden Looking Hell and Hinges Revisited and Hinges of the Mind and of the Heart Mazur unusual pedigree grants here uncanny perspective in the nature of art imagination eros and death She has studied painting and ceramics morphogenesis and micro architecture of silk worms and teaches at the MFA program at Warren Wilson in Creative WritingThrough this collection of essays Mazur feels free to hinge her verb of choice between the classical works of Literature The Epic of Gilgamesh The Odyssey Parmenides to the classics of Visuals Arts Ruben s Orpheus and Eurydice with Hades and Persephone Fra Angelico s Christ in Limbo and the 17000 year old Cave Paintings of Lascaux These literary and artistic investigations are punctuated by her personal accounts of the adventure to the Caves of Lascaux with her husband Barry and Eva Brann the rape of Turk s Caps from a local farm and her keenest interest the act of writing Mazur explores a uestion that I myself have been interested in for some time why do men seek wisdom through Hades What can we learn by traveling through the darkest parts of the soul and of the world She explores this uestion through Odysseus Gilgamesh Parmenides and the modern work of Katherine Mansfield s Laura in The Garden Party I continue puzzle over the descents or movements outside Mazur stresses that we need not think of the journey into the underworld as strictly under or below but that the journey is simply into the world of the Other free of strict spatial relation of Don uixote into the Cave of Montesinos Dante into Hell and Hans Castorp up to the Sanatorium She has helped me reexamine these latent uestions with honest blend of phenomenology and poetry Mazur is most interested in the writing This gives her writing an electric thoughtfulness that transcends a typical synthetic pan department essay This stands out with lines like Because the close focused attention of the writer is often even piercing and prolonged than that of the reader the imagined world replaces by its intensity and brilliance the ordinary world of the living This too can lead to a certain terror P 51Hinges is a meandering journey through the soul of the artist Mazur writes in an accessible syntax approaching poetic heights I would recommend this to all who are interested in the matters of art

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Hinges AUTHOR Grace Dane Mazur Read & Download ´ 105 Grace Dane Mazur uses the idea of the hinge to illuminate real and metaphysical thresholds in fiction poetry myth and ordinary life From ancient narratives of Gilgamesh Odysseus Parmenides and Orpheus to modern w. This is the most noticeably conversational book I can recall having read I am reminded of Yiyun Li s Dear Friend From My Life I Write to You in Your Life which despite its so promising title left me feeling bereft Mazur s book is the opposite and I found myself answering aloud some of the uestions she poses in the text In the best sense this was like a conversation with an admired very well read somewhat over the top and all over the place friend Mazur is obviously extremely erudite and curious she appears to delve deeply into her widely ranging interestsThough this book could have done with a good round of copy editing for commas and occasional syntactical awkwardnesses these remain primarily in the first couple of dozen pages The work is the playful result of the musings of an imaginative and thoughtful person fully in command of language mythology and lots of other things that may seem unconnected but that will draw in and delight the open reader Coincidentally it was very useful to pick this up after Max Frisch s Homo Faber because it got me thinking further about the mythological implications in that work I would have missed uite a lot without this lucky choice to read Mazur just afterwardsIn short an insightful accessible sometimes pleasantly random book like an intriguing intellectual scent that one can t help but follow I didn t agree with all of Mazur s assertions but I really like the way she thinks This book went on my to re read list which only contains 6 books before I had even finished it

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Hinges AUTHOR Grace Dane Mazur Read & Download ´ 105 Orks by Katherine Mansfield and Eudora Welty the exploration of the Other World acts as a metaphor for the entrancement of reading and writing Looking at Lascaux Renaissance and Byzantine images of Christ harrowi. Intriguing concept but muddled execution Meanders between pseudo academic style In the following paragraphs I will discuss and even a couple of the Oxford English Dictionary defines and fairly dull personal anecdotes There are some interesting bits on art history and hinge points in literature liminal points between worlds basically but much than I expected about literal hinges

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