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Summer of the Weeping Rain Characters Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read Summer of the Weeping Rain Iance A job on a distant Karoo farm offered a solution Unfortunately the job meant working for the devastating Adam Vandeleur He was an im. Pretty good old school romance Written in 1979 and the book is a bit dated in spots There s a slam or two against women s lib And really the hero had no concept of no means no But we re just talking punishing kisses here This book is totally clean as is usual for HRs of this periodI liked the characters The heroine Lisa is dainty uite and self contained but she and the hero strike sparks from each other The hero Adam is big and harsh and nasty to her at times especially in the beginning The conflict revolves around a Big Misunderstanding perpetrated by the Other Woman Willa You could see the progression as the hero fell for the heroine even without his POV That was pretty well done The writing was good and flowing Might not like a steady diet of these old Harleys but they re fun to read every once in a while

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Summer of the Weeping Rain

Summer of the Weeping Rain Characters Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read Summer of the Weeping Rain Possible man to please So when Lisa heard his mother say You need a wife Adam someone like Lisa she didn't know whether to laugh or to run. This is my second Yvonne Whittal s book and well it s slightly better than the other one I ve readMostly because even though the Hero s a bit unbelievable at least he s reasonable I mean the way he treated the heroine is sure could be infuriating sometimes but hey he s a classic case of Alpha male He can t help it But the heroine Gosh She s so Stupidly childish She didn t act her age and her being stubborn in the wrong time is annoying Ugh I just want to smack the light out of her I love the twins I hope Whittal write a good ending to them because it seems like she forgot their existence in the happiness of Lisa and Adam our main characters Overall I enjoyed this book though not so much and I look forward to read from this author

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Summer of the Weeping Rain Characters Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read Summer of the Weeping Rain FEAR KEPT HER FROM STARTING A NEW LIFE At home Lisa would never forget the tragic conseuences of her accident a scar and the loss of her f. 3 12 starsFor readers who like to know where titles come from Yvonne Whittal has helpfully included lines from the George MacDonald poem Sweet Peril that inspired her to write this story of a heroine who has been injured in a car accident and rejected by her fiance Alas how easily things go wrongA sigh too much or a kiss too longAnd there follows a mist and a weeping rainAnd life is never the same againThe h s life is certainly never the same again after she accepts a job as a nanny for orphaned twins on their uncle s South African sheep ranchThis is a recovery story for not only the heroine but the children and their grandmother as they heal from the tragic plane crash deaths of their family members The journey from health to wellness is very satisfying I also found the romance satisfying The hero is alpha with his punishing kisses and his bursts of anger and neediness but he has scenes of kindness to show what kind of man he will be when he s not in throes of unreuited love view spoilerSome interesting scenesTimmy er the boy twin falls down a well and the heroine goes in after him The hero is actually kind to all of them after the rescueThe OM has some surprisingly good pick up lines and actually seemed sincere He should have his own bookThe OW is horrible in the best YW traditionThe heroine s aunt and mother actively push for the heroine to like the hero The aunt is rather graphic in her appreciation of the H s assets hide spoiler

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