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Other Days Other Eyes review ô 7 Slow glass was an amusing scientific toy Light traveled through it so slowly that looking through a pane of it you might see what had happened five minutes ago on the other side or five ye. At last year s Boring conference a concrete enthusiast demonstrated a block which did some very strange things with light and made me think of Bob Shaw s slow glass a crystal which lets light through but only minutes or years after the event so that you re left with a literal window on the past This book features his original short stories on the theme included as sidelights in a short novel about the inventor of slow glass Which serves largely to confirm that the short stories or at least the first two were much satisfying poignant vignettes using this one sort of plausible sounding technology as a perfect reification of that human need to revisit the past and of the way that need can trap us Imagine if you could look at your wall and see the snows of yesteryear right there And of course to some extent you now can there are all sorts of ways we re now closer to a slow glass world than we were when this was published in 1972 from catch up TV and Facebook memories through big HD screens with moving screensavers to the ubiuity of tiny surveillance devices That last one is particularly intriguing in a manner recalling the way Bester or Niven worked through the social conseuences of teleportation Shaw does likewise with slow glass and envisions meetings held in pitch darkness where all high flyers have to learn braille Perfectly sound science fictional thinking but nah turns out we re not actually that fussed we just got used to leaks and saved the darkness for novelty restaurants Beyond that you have the usual charming errors for this era of SF videophones but no mobiles as well as some less charming ones especially on the gender roles Even for the time the shrewish suffocating wilfully ignorant wife seems pretty retrograde and as for the lowly but lovely worker the wealthy protagonist propositions repeatedly on a work callI suspect that would have been winceworthy well before Weinstein Not that the men have much depth to them in the novel at least they re all fairly interchangeable men s men from the school of B movie business andor science But sod the people it s those farms of slow windows drinking in the views that make this book the panes of daylight replacing the electric light above the freeway Plus in my own little window on the past I now finally have my own copy of one of the yellow Gollancz SF hardbacks

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Other Days Other Eyes review ô 7 Ars It stopped being a toy when great new jeliners began to crash caraccidents multiplied astronomically and a mounting toll of deaths and disasters revealed its true potential And it was. Other Days Other Eyes is another of those forgotten 70s science fiction novels that I ve been hunting down recently This was one of Bob Shaw s sci fi classics as it explored this new concept of slow glass an innovative type of glass that could record and store events which take place before it to reveal them months or years later Slow glass manages to do this by slowing down the light that travels through it and thus a whole industry emerges that uses this new level of technology with its inventor a character named Alban Garrod uickly becoming rich and famousYet with fame and wealth comes a whole host of dangers that Garrod has to navigate as the Government decides that it can use slow glass as a form of mass surveillance to spy on the public Big Brother starts to get involved and the plot begins to thicken I liked Other Days Other Eyes as it utilised a technology that seems so simple and demonstrates how in the wrong hands it can become a force for the destruction of privacy everywhere It s an interesting concept but the book began to feel very rushed half way through and went off on a couple of unnecessary tangents instead of focusing on the main storyline which would have kept me engaged towards the end However if you like sci fi and Big Brother themes you ll still enjoy it

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Other Days Other Eyes review ô 7 No toy at all when blackmailers discovered how to use it to see into the secret life of any victim and government officials found it could permit surveillance of any person any time anywhe. Occasionally you read a science fiction book that not only explores the future but holds up a dark mirror to our past In a series of disturbing and thoughtful vignettes Bob Shaw explores how the invention of slow glass which alters light and enhances perception effects both personal relationships and global privacy Sadly the book is out of print but is definitely worth hunting down

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