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Free download Diamond Grill Landmark Edition review è PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Fred Wah Fred Wah × 0 Read This story of family and identity migration and integration culture and self discovery is told through family history memory and the occasional recipe Diamond Grill is a rich banuet wh. Maybe I m just sick of literature Everything you read has to be such a chore It feels almost like a cruel joke sometimes We basically have a text that is non linear post modern and totally unconventional It even deploys at least for me one of the most confusing things to explain to people the family tree as central to the story My sister s Swedish half brothers three step daughters grandmother s niece I liked the incoherent poetry the most Let s sit down and and decipher this That ll really convey the message Let s slur a paragraph of vaguely related words together There are a few redeeming passages where he talks about his father in plain prose Some interesting workings But honestly if you want to convey a message about hybridityracial identity is making it inaccessible to your average reader the best way to make progress Your job is to tear down the fence not reinforce it with concreteI think this is where a lot of literature falters It becomes this borderline inside joke that only a few people will get from even a basic once over reading Literature is supposed to make you think about your place in the world not make the reader have to draw out an intricate poster to get the basic plotFuck this shit

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Free download Diamond Grill Landmark Edition review è PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Fred Wah Fred Wah × 0 Read N in the cafe An exciting new edition of Fred Wah’s best selling bio fiction on the 10th anniversary of its original publication with added text and an all new afterword by the autho. 14 A collection of poetry Diamond Grill by Fred WahList Progress 1330My reading patterns and attention span have definitely taken a hit in the midst of social distancing and my previous racing speed through my reading list slowed down a lot this month I thought that tossing in a collection of poetry would be a good way to speed things up and while I freuently enjoyed myself with Fred Wah s Diamond Grill it had the opposite impact on my pace A slow meditative journey of combined poetry and prose tracing Wah s life growing up biracial in his father s Chinese restaurant this collection can be lovely But it can also be overlong and I ended up feeling like I knew details about the eponymous Diamond Grill than I knew real statements from Wah This collection is a piece of biofiction tracing Wah s childhood in the 1950 s His mother was the daughter of two Swedish immigrants to Canada and his father was half white half Chinese but raised in China from age four into his early twenties So Fred Wah grew up in small town Canada three uarters white and reading as white to strangers but bearing a Chinese last name and growing up in the cultural microcosm of a Chinese diner This collection does a lovely job of capturing every detail of the diner from prices to recipes to the lives of the people working there to the overlapping culinary worlds of Western diner food for customers and Chinese food cooked for the staff and Wah s family I think that these poems could pack a lot of punch individually or in a smaller collection However Diamond Grill as a whole feels too dense and like it covers similar or the same ground too many times I am sure this would feel very different to me if I was seeing my own experience and my biracial Canadian and Japanese roommate is eager to borrow this book after me But I walked away from the collection with too much surface detail feeling somewhat stuck in a glut of anecdotes and memories Individual pieces still stood out but most got lost in the whole I am glad I read Diamond Grill but also wish I had spread it out a bit reading a poem or two at a time rather than trying to mainline it I might just need to change my approach to poetry collections and return to this one at another timeWould I Recommend It Yes but not all at once

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Free download Diamond Grill Landmark Edition review è PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Fred Wah Fred Wah × 0 Read Ere Salisbury Steak shares a menu with chicken fried rice bird’s nest soup sets the stage for Christmas plum pudding; where racism simmers behind the shiny clean surface of the actio. A brilliant and inspiring biotext about growing up a uarter Chinese in the all too homogenous interior of BC Canada As a memory act the writing pulls back and pushes itself forward through the years of Wah s childhood working for his father at the Diamond Grill In a previous interview Wah speaks of his desire to break free of his fears of the tyranny of prose and in the process of composing this book breaks new ground for the form It s my third time returning to this work and I cannot recommend it enough

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