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My Name Was Judas Read ð 104 Witty and teasingly controversial novel set against a richly painted backdrop of anc. Hard to know what to make of this story really It is all well written but so much at odds to the Christian story that it is an uncomfortable read Stead is of course just making all this up there is no evidence for any of it However he writes a very plausible account He makes Judas and Jesus as childhood friends from slightly different sides of the donkey path as it were This makes it possible for the gospel story to be demystified and we have a very earthly and earthy retelling of Jesus life That is going to appeal to many and horrify others

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My Name Was Judas Read ð 104 Ient Palestine forty years after the death of Jesus Judas tells his version of event. This is a book that has been very thoughtfully written For myself this version seems far believable than the one in the bible But like I say that s just me

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My Name Was Judas Read ð 104 Judas’s name became synonymous with betrayer but is that how Judas saw it In this. My original review of this book was done in 2007 really a very short review see below that said very little about the book Nevertheless on the basis of it I was invited by the BBC to submit a uestion for their World Book Club programme they were doing on CK Stead I was most delighted when they used it Here it isThis work of fiction tells an alternative story of Jesus and Judas of a boyhood together followed by the path to Jerusalem and for Judas beyond to a life far away with a new nameKnowing the Christian story I found it hard to figure out if this novel would have been as good to someone who didn t know it Stead has an excellent reputation and is highly thought of among my kiwi friends who appreciate NZ writers so I imagine that this novel has high literary merit However the only people I discussed it with were committed Christians They maintained that they disliked the book because it had no literary merit but I doubt that I m inclined to think they disliked it because it was plausible

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