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  • Hardcover
  • 24
  • Disney Tangled
  • Ben Smiley
  • English
  • 14 October 2018
  • 9780736426848

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Free download ñ Disney Tangled 105 UstrationsBook Details Format Hardcover Publication Date 9142010 Pages 24 Reading Level Age 3 and A sweet little novelization of the movie which reminded me of the nice little details they kept from the original version like Rapunzel s healing tears And it didn t have the less than forgiveable male narration that the movie had

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Free download ñ Disney Tangled 105 010 This Little Golden Book retelling will thrill young children with its beautiful full color ill Tangled is a modern day Rapunzel story It follows along with the traditional Rapunzel story that has been known for years There are many different takes on the Rapunzel but this one is one that many kids know of today because of the common Disney movie There are a few slight differences between Tangled and Rapunzel In Rapunzel the man who rescues her is a prince where as in Tangled it is a thief Also once Rapunzel in Tangled cuts her hair it is brown where as in the older Rapunzel her hair still stays golden blonde Despite the differences the themes that have to stay present in a Rapunzel story is that of a Damsel in Distress A young girl has to be locked in a tower and the only way to get into the tower is that of her letting her long hair down and that person would climb up her hair into the window It just so happens that a man spots a witch climbing up the Rapunzel s hair and becomes intrigued with the long blonde haired beauty and sets out to save her

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Free download ñ Disney Tangled 105 Expect adventure heart humor and hair lots of hair when Disney Tangled comes to theaters Holiday 2 Retelling of the popular movie