[PDF/EBOOK] Girlvert By Oriana Small

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  • Girlvert
  • Oriana Small
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  • 05 May 2017
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CHARACTERS Girlvert CHARACTERS Ã Girlvert Ody and mind are capable of all before turning thirty years old and now she's made it an authentic read for the rest of us to marvel at elevating the depravity and denial inherent in the pornographic arts to a singular literary experience James Fr I wasn t sure how to rate this It s always hard for me to rate memoirs because it feels weird to evaluate such a personal story I admire and appreciate anyone who is willing to expose themselves by writing a book about their most personal experiences The actual story being told in GIRLVERT is pretty brutal I don t watch porn but for some reason I like to read porn memoirs I erroneously thought that this book was a feminist take on the porn industry I was wrong as hell The author specializes in super hardcore pornography that sounds degrading and physically and emotionally painful I struggled to understand how a woman could perpetuate the intensely negative view of women that her films exemplify Small says it s acting out rape or violence against women as fantasy as if that somehow justifies portraying characters who are abused so egregiously but I know there have to be people who take that subject matter at face value People who think all women like being handled roughly and demeaned in every way possible It scares me The author struck me as a very troubled person and while she asserts progress at the end of the book she attributes her positive changes to the influence of her husband Throughout the book Small is tremendously impacted by her relationships with men At the end this remains the case her husband just happens to be a better dude than the ones she was with previously I say again I am rather torn regarding rating this book I loathe the attitudes about women and their sexuality that I believe Small s specific genre of pornography perpetuates but I do respect her willingness to expose herself by writing a memoir Small sounds pretty screwed up and her films sound horrifying to me I don t like thinking about the fact that these movies even exist I wish they didn t GIRLVERT was interesting but reading it was painful



CHARACTERS Girlvert CHARACTERS Ã Girlvert To agony GIRLVERT illuminates the surreality of a life lived beyond all comprehensionIf Hemingway had been a porn star this is how he would have written The Nervous Breakdown Oriana Small has pushed herself to the outermost extremes of what the b I ve read a number of these porn performer memoirs and they are a mixed bag This one was uite well written certainly better written than Insatiable Porn A Love Story for example However it was really difficult to read because the author goes in to extreme detail about many many degrading sexual acts Now I need a shower


CHARACTERS Girlvert CHARACTERS Ã Girlvert Proclaimed girl pervert Oriana Small AKA Ashley Blue a veritable artist at heart weaves through the intricacies of a decade in and out of the adult film industry love drugs and her own firebrand of what it means to live ecstatically From accolades Let s talk about pornography It s come a long away baby And oops gotten some in your hair One thing s for sure it s certainly graduated from its niche status as the pastime of oily pervy Buddy Hackett types to become a load bearing column in the temple of our zeitgeist I mean who hasn t seen pornography these days Are there any holdouts who have evaded that midnight urge to explore the perversities the internet has to offer Even your grandmother has watched an interracial bukkake or two Just picture it Her eyes wide her mouth agape she sets her needlepoint down Oh my gracious She mentally compares that bald muscular Shaka Zulu s penis to her dearly departed Earl s She didn t realize how deprived she d been of big black cock all these many years Sure the war years instilled a sense of noble sacrifice in the Greatest Generation but DPs are free And at the risk of sounding grandiose an inalienable rightPornography in other words has saturated our culture Every far off corner heretofore unvisited by the temptations of motion picture sex has been glazed with gelatinous day old yellowing spunk Thank you internet Your two greatest accomplishments thus far are online shopping and porn No longer must the aspiring masturbator slink into a brightly lit video store in Groucho Marx glasses and a trench coat and sneak into its depressing windowless back room to choose from an assortment of VHS box covers advertising breasts and splayed vaginas All of those tits and twats accosting you from every side begin to resemble faces sneering at you heckling you Then the worst part after you ve spent two and a half hours selecting the perfect porn video to rent you must face the video store clerk for checkout Even if you surveyed the employees before venturing into the back room and determined them all thankfully to resemble Randy Spears you will proceed to the front inevitably to encounter a clerk who s the spitting image of your mom right down to embroidered holiday sweatshirt She will suint at the title you are checking out But no she can t make it out so she puts on her glasses that are on a chain around her neck Oh She uickly looks away She thought for a moment it was Patch Adams and was preparing to endorse your selection wholeheartedly But no This is Snatch Adams The judgment begins She can t uite look at you any except in a sidelong kind of way She involuntarily steps backward to free herself from your immediate surroundings She wouldn t literalize the thought into words but she has a vague irrational fear that herpes will leap from your body onto her face and suction themselves there And what s that She even thinks she smells your gamey ball sweat now so she cringes and suirms despite her attempts to remain committed to the customer service values that the Video Hut has instilled in her through training videos and mock check outs And wouldn t you know it She can t find the video that goes with your ahem box She has to call the manager who how can this be looks like Barbara Billingsley than Barbara Billingsley ever did After a determined lengthy search which has kept a line full of nuns and children waiting to check out their Veggie Tales videos the two women finally locate your desired video only to send you off into the night with an Enjoy your evening that is thick with ironyBut times have indeed changed I wouldn t go so far as to say pornography in its vanilla varieties is mainstream but it s the dirty secret we all share with a conspiratorial wink Naturally this is the perfect time for a porn memoir like Girlvert by Oriana Small porn name Ashley Blue which doesn t sugarcoat the workaday life of hardcore porn stars and yet somehow at the same time manages to create an endearing sympathetic portrait of the protagonistA ualification is in order Although I believe pornography has become much acceptable as a fact of life I still believe porn stars themselves are largely regarded as disposable dubious characters who merely fulfill a necessary role They might be entertaining in a train wreck sort of way but most people are uite content to relegate them to a much lower order of humanity Yes this attitude is hypocritical but I think it s still the norm We may watch porn with manic hand jacking relish but do we want to live next door to a porn star Maybe not Ashley Blue makes no apologies for her career in porn As she chronicles the gang bangs the cream pies the double anal and the filmed choking she may express or less comfort with a particular position or scenario but any reservations are not generally based upon moral consideration but rather practicality or personal taste This isn t one of those books where we follow the wide eyed porn ingenue from her first on camera blowjob to her pained realization that her career in porn was a mistake But don t get me wrong there s a lot of clearheaded insight here from Ashley Blue She does in fact mature and arrive at very honest and very real conclusions about her life thus far She doesn t regret porn but she does come to regret when she allowed herself to bullied by the ego and self interest of men both in relationships and in the business She also reflects on the negative role drugs have played in her life countless lines of coke in addition to Ecstasy speed homemade crack et al and realizes they ve used her than she s used them In short Ashley Blue s insights are all of a piece relating as they do to a consecrated ambition to be in control of her life she fucks when and how she wants to she doesn t let herself be dominated by guilt or oppressed by crazy boyfriends and she makes a fateful decision about drugs but less in a pious evangelic way than in an emphatically pragmatic uest to be in controlI m not going to lie Despite the ubiuity of porn these days this book contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts that many readers will be uncomfortable with And in some cases they won t be uncomfortable with them because they re genuinely uncomfortable with them they ll be uncomfortable because they sense that they should be Thus the hypocrisy of the Porn Era rears its ugly head again Words are just words Acts are just acts It s the meaning and intent we ascribe to them that gives them real value I m not saying that I am completely comfortable with the greater implications of gonzo porn or any porn for that matter because I m not and frankly I don t need to be But Ashley Blue s Girlvert is a fascinating account of the industry from the perspective of a smart immensely likable woman who freuently makes us realize that it s not uite as black and white as the interracial double penetration scene would lead us to believePostscript I am posting this review on Independence Day Among the many freedoms we enjoy in this nation let s celebrate the freedom to film two men sticking their elephantine phalluses in a woman s anus at the same time while another man ejaculates on her face and a fourth man washes off the ejaculate with his urine This sort of thing may be offensive to you in countless ways but remember that freedom of speech and expression is valid only to the extent that we endorse it for people we passionately disagree with