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The Bell at Sealey Head

The Bell at Sealey Head free read ✓ 6 E everyone hears the ringing of a bell no one can see On the outskirts of town is an impressive estate Aislinn House where the aged Lady Eglant. Reviewed for The BibliophibianSealey Head is a small town perched above a harbour where people mostly go about their everyday lives managing an inn running a business selling their wares with the main magic being in the stories written by Gwyneth and the books read by Judd childhood friends who have become somewhat estranged as they grew up and had responsibilities The strange thing though it s now so normal that inhabitants of the town think of it entirely normal is that every day a mysterious bell sounds They have no idea where the sound comes from or when it began though there are a cluster of stories and assumptions around itIn the big house owned by a local aristocrat a servant called Emma knows magic does exist because every so often she opens a door in the house and sees another world and a woman she s never met in this world Princess Isabo lives a life strictly confined by ritual light this candle move this sword fill the goblets of certain men but not others and don t ask uestionsInto that world comes a scholar Ridley Drow to shake everything up and make people confront the magic in their midst It feels like such a typical story for McKillip it has all her hallmarks in the handling in the love of books in the way the magic is handled in the prose in the way people relate to each other So if you enjoy McKillip s work you ll probably enjoy this as well I certainly did from the shy reconnection between Gwyneth and Judd to the chattering good heartedness of Daria Sproule to the daring of Princess Isabo finally asking uestions and breaking the ritual routineIt all builds up very nicely but the denouement stumbled a little for me After all the build up knowing there s danger and that their friends are in trouble Gwyneth and Judd rush to Aislinn House to help only to be thwarted by the fact that no one can open a way into Isabo s world Instead of doing anything they settle down to wait and the climax of the story happens entirely without them It feels like all the characters build towards that but only Ridley and Isabo actually get to see it It feels odd that they re left out of the main plot even though Gwyneth and Judd s stories are completed in other personal waysAlso there are some things I just missed somehow in the climax of the book some things seemed to come out of nowhere for me I didn t have a clue about the significance of the boat for instance or rather I did realise it was significant but the reason for its significance just didn t seem to have been telegraphed at all to the point where it felt like a deus ex machina This isn t a first for me with McKillip s writing and sometimes it s possible she s just being too subtle for meOverall despite those uibbles I enjoyed the book a lot and McKillip s writing is gorgeous It s a great read all the same

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The Bell at Sealey Head free read ✓ 6 Brand new from the World Fantasy Award winning author of Solstice Wood Sealey Head is a small town on the edge of the ocean a sleepy place wher. I have found my new favorite novel by Patricia McKillip Earlier pole position candidates have been Winter Rose or Alphabet of Thorns but choosing the best between her books has always been a difficult proposition both because they are all good and because it is like comparing apples and pears she changes the mood and the type of plot and the characters every time I start thinking I have her particular style pinned down The Bell at Sealey Head is as beautifully written and intriguing as the books I ve read before but I believe it comes the closest in her catalogue to a romantic comedy with a Gothic nineteen century setting McKillip may have been chanelling some of the Bronte sisters writings when she created the small coastal town of Sealey Head complete with an inn perched high on the cliffs above the sea buffeted by strong winds a haunted manor house and several young people who may sooner or later fall in love The secret ingredient of the recipe is though the other sort of romance the love of books When we first meet Judd Cauley the owner of the inn above town we are introduced to his passion and the mystery at the core of the story He read anything that came his way histories romances speculations about the nature of things journals of travels to far flung spaces folklore even the odd book about an elusive unwieldy nine legged hundred eyes beast that sang like a swan and burned words like paper when it spoke Magic it was called Sorcery Enchantment It was everywhere just beyond eyesight it was yours for the making of a wish So he read not uite believing not knowing enough to disbelieve Inevitably his thoughts would turn to the bell that tolled each day exactly when the last burning shard of sunlight vanished beneath the waves The secret of the ghost bell has endured for centuries Many of the locals believe it to be the sound of a ship that perished in a storm a long time ago yet nobody knows for certain Sometimes even strangers are drawn to Sealey Head to investigate the mystery one of them being a dandy from the capital called Ridley Dow another case of infection by the reading bug Sorry he said penitently It s a book I have no common sense around them For Judd the appeal of new reading material becomes irresistible and sensual The odd things about people who had many books was how they always wanted Judd knew that about himself just the sight of Ridley Dow s books unpacked and stacked in corners on the desk and dresser made him discontent and greedy Here he was there they were Why were he and they not together somewhere private they falling gently open under his fingers he exploring their mysteries they luring him enthralling him captivating him with every turn of phrase every revealing page Judd is also attracted by the willful and sophisticated daughter of a rich merchant in town Gwyneth Blair for whom the passion of reading proved insufficient so she started to write her own stories many of them about the same mystery of the ghost bell They were childhood friends together but now they feel separated by social conventions and the worries of earning a living in Judd s case Yes I do remember You talked about writing when we were children You were so in love with reading that you imagined going that step further writing your own story must be the pinnacle of bliss Did I I suppose I did think of it that way then And now Now it s a hundred fits and starts sputtering ink nibs stray ends going nowhere like being a spider most likely on a windy day tendrils always sailing off The colourful cast is completed by three younger siblings and a meddlesome aunt in the Blair household a couple of young local aristocrats with their own romantical entaglements named Raven and Daria Sproule and Miss Miranda Beryl of Landringham who comes to visit Lady Eglantyne her dying aunt and owner of Aislinn HouseSpeaking of Aislinn House here is where the magical part of the novel soon concentrates as the doors of the old and sprawling manor sometimes open to a parallel universe a medieval realm with knights and princesses and a curse that has frozen every inhabitant into a meaningless Ritual repeating every day the same tasks the same gestures the same conversations It s all secrets between lines allusions in letters hints in diaries But for at least a couple of centuries if not longer People writing about stories their children invented ghosts their servants or some lord in his cups saw Doors open they get a glimpse but nobody sees the whole of it Ever Princess Isabo seems to be the only one rebelling against the ancient curse of her hidden world I was thinking of Sleeping Beauty but the inhabitants are not asleep only enchanted Only a servant girl named Emma seems to be able to communicate with Isabo but she is afraid to cross over the treshhold between worlds Emma s mother is another memorable character in the book a wood witch who lives in a tree prefers the company of the birds and the bees to the one of her fellow men and of course loves to read books She could be anywhere on that sunny genial day The trees maple elm birch busy leafing out among the coastal pine after a weary winter preened their leaves in the wind like birds flaunting their colors I hope I have said enough to tempt readers to give this modern fairytale a chance without revealing too much about the actual plot and about the secret of the bell There will be masked balls and romance under the moonlight laughter and beauty but also danger and evil sorcerers and A beautiful woman named Hydria with a long and mysterious past took up most of the pages She sounded Judd thought like someone out of a very old ballad the ueen of a rich and magical realm accessible easily to anyone with a little imagination So let your imagination soar guided by the skillful pen of a master storyteller

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The Bell at Sealey Head free read ✓ 6 Yne lies dying and where the doors sometimes open not to its own dusty rooms but to the wild majesty of a castle full of knights and princesses. This is the best book I ve yet read from Patricia A McKillip and I ve loved all of her work that I ve read Somehow this enchanted me even better than any of the others A lovely magical atmosphere that permeates all of the book and the reader s consciousness A fascinating story about a small and seemingly dull seaside village where a mysterious bell tolls every evening at sunset and where doors in the great manor open into other worlds at random There are wonderful characters with personality And there is writing that is as poetic beautiful and lush as ever in McKillip s books but somehow readable than ever before In earlier books I ve loved her writing but sometimes found it a little difficult to absorb in places however now it flowed from the page into my head with perfect ease without sacrificing in any of the beauty lushness or poetry A thoroughly recommended read for anyone who might possibly be appealed by this kind of book

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