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free read CaddyGirls read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú V.K. Sykes V.K. Sykes Ú 0 download Style but he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his partners happy – even if that includes breaking a few hearts along the wayJulian soon discovers that Torrey is than just a caddy girl and they spark an intriguing attraction – but if Torrey discovers the truth behind his idiotic wager all bets are off. I am not into golf at all but that didn t deter me from enjoying this story Although there were some golf terms used I had no idea about the authors mainly focused on the romance of the two main characters This is a husband and wife writing team which I found interesting and I really liked their writing style

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free read CaddyGirls read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú V.K. Sykes V.K. Sykes Ú 0 download Torrey Green once had a promising golf career now she’s stuck caddying for butt pinching businessmen She doesn’t mind playing dumb while hauling clubs if it means she can get her golf career back on track and she’s going to need an influx of cash to focus on the pro circuit A booking from video game. I wasn t sure what to expect prior to reading this ebook I had never heard of the authors before a husband and wife team It turned out to be steamy and surprisingly complex for such a short read Torrey is a strong and uniue heroine and Julian was sexy if a bit hard to love at one point There romance begins fast but manages to remain mostly believable

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free read CaddyGirls read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú V.K. Sykes V.K. Sykes Ú 0 download Mogul Julian Grant could be Torrey’s cash flow solutionIn town for a business deal Julian’s partners plan for a little action on the greens They’re looking for some fun with their rent a caddy girls and have a lot riding on who can score on the course and off This type of gamble isn’t Julian’s. I first want to say I loved the story line to this book It was something fresh for the most part I have not read a book that dealt in the whole golf aspect It was nice to have a change of scenery if that makes sense However a classic love story line was there however it was still refreshing Torrey works as a caddy girl for the time being to make a living until she can find a sponsor to continue her dream of being a professional golfer Julian is just the person to ask all she has to do is keep her heart out of it and her pants on However the chemistry pull between the two doesn t make it as easy for her as she hoped The two main romantic characters in this book are full of life and passion and it comes right off the pages Each character keeps you intrigued Julian is head over heels for Torrey and how she makes him feel he just is to stubborn to admit and change his life to actually accommodate a relationship Torrey is falling so fast she doesn t have anything to grab onto to try and slow herself down Its a love story we know how it will end yet as a reader you enjoy the storyThe heat level in this book is pretty high This is definitely an erotica and contemporary romance together There was a story line to this book The intimate scenes were average for a book however they are in depth

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