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The Fiddler in the Subway

read & download The Fiddler in the Subway The Fiddler in the Subway summary ↠ 108 Gene Weingarten » 8 review About violinist Joshua Bell which originally began as a stunt What would happen if you put a world class musician outside a Washington DC subway station to play for spare change Would anyone even notice The answer was no Weingarten’s story went viral becoming a widely referenced lesson about life lived. Gene Weingarten is the sort of writer who produces the sort of writing that should be read by those who hope to write and deliver a compelling narrative at least once a weekThe introduction is a writing course in six pages Weingarten tells us how to write well how to grab and keep readers and listeners attentionEach selection included in this altogether too brief anthology is accompanied by Weingarten s own commentary which continues his introductory instructionEach selection is masterful and profoundly humanIf you intend to tell stories of lasting import you must read and study this book

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read & download The Fiddler in the Subway The Fiddler in the Subway summary ↠ 108 Gene Weingarten » 8 review GENE WEINGARTEN IS THE O HENRY OF AMERICAN JOURNALISM Simply the best storyteller around Weingarten describes the world as you think it is before revealing how it actually is in narratives that are by turns hilarious heartwarming and provocative but always memorable Millions of people know the title piece. What happens when you pick up the last book you will ever read When the writing is so good that it will ruin everything else for you Gene Weingarten s writing did that for me This book is a collection of feature writing he has done at The Washington Post Two of the pieces won Pulitzer PrizesOnly three stories in The Great Zucchini The First Father and The Ghost of the Hardy Boys and I thought If you want to write read this book If you want to teach others to write use this book When I write I want to write like this It is beautiful masterful stuffReading further I thought I can t recommend this book I just can t It will ruin every other writer for you until the end of time I don t know if I can read anything else after this bookThen I mustered my best Jimmy Dugan voice and yelled There s no crying in journalism Why is he making me cryI read Pardon My French on the 72nd anniversary of D Day in Normandy It s the one that made me laugh out loud Then giggle at how delicious it was that he found just the right way to get the most honest responses from French folks He calls it the Machine I call it hilariousEvery paragraph in Fatal Distraction is a punch to the gut I almost couldn t bear to read it But I let Weingarten take me by the hand and gently lead me through the horrific experiences of the people in this pieceWeingarten uotes Franz Kafka The meaning of life is that it ends This is the heart of everything he writes This is what breathes life into every wordIs this the last book I ll ever read Well no I could no stop reading than I could stop breathing I will however measure everything else I read against Weingarten s writing Thanks to Jeff Sharlet who suggests so much good writing He led me to Weingarten Thanks is not enough but it will have to do

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read & download The Fiddler in the Subway The Fiddler in the Subway summary ↠ 108 Gene Weingarten » 8 review Too uickly Other classic stories the one about “The Great Zucchini” a wildly popular but personally flawed children’s entertainer; the search for the official “Armpit of America”; a profile of the typical American nonvoter all of them reveal as much about their readers as they do their subjects. A collection of stories previously published in the Washington Post Some wonderful some just okay and others so haunting that they will stay with you long after you closed the book