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characters Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln Fünfzig Inseln auf denen ich nie war und niemals sein werde

Read & Download Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln Fünfzig Inseln auf denen ich nie war und niemals sein werde 104 Y sense from the mainland from people from airports and from holiday brochures Author Judith Schalansky used historic events and scientific reports as a springboard for each island providing information on its distance fro. It came in a box with another book and a CD delivered to my front porch and awaiting me Friday night At first look it seemed scant A large type introduction as if to exaggerate the number of pages Some maps of islands with brief written observations on the facing page I read a few Cute but I was already in the middle of a novel I was really enjoying and this could wait on a coffee table where maybe it would belongCame Saturday morning and the novel stood next to the Atlas My hand flexed like a divining rod and picked up the Atlas And I barely put it down again until I traveled around the worldFifty remote islands Mostly uninhabited One where people never walked One where until the 1990s fewer people had trod than on the moon Some where only bones remain Yet one has been inhabited for 3000 years the thousand residents following an extreme form of zero population growth Some can not yield vegetation One thanks to massive bird droppings is pure phosphate On another inbreeding has caused 10 per cent of the 250 inhabitants to be color blind and they prefer it so Children born on another island die within eight days One will sink into the ocean forever maybe next month maybe next year you can still go there if you are not a researcher or a missionary One was the stage for a notorious murder These islands gave an ephemeral glance of the Transit of Venus watched Amelia Earhart fly to her death and hosted the Bounty s mutiny On one six soldiers raised a flag There are songs and sex The New Zealand Department of Conservatism sends nine volunteers for six month stays on another island with no other inhabitants climbing skills and practical experience in maintaining buildings an advantage Address for applications included In this book you will find the ends of the earth and its navel Every island has a story Yes Atlas of Remote Islands is a slim volume but every sentence is perfect Fraulein Schalansky has been flawlessly translated This book will indeed have a home on my coffee table not because it is voluptuous but because I will re read it often and will want it handyI will not read a cooler book this yearOne thing about the Atlas befuddles me though It is subtitled Fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot On and Never Will What How can you write a book like this and not want to go there Never ReallyMemo to self I know what you re thinking You want to go to all 50 islands before you die You can t Some are physically impossible Some would be too expensive And anyhow you don t have enough time left But you should go to at least one of them before you die And recommend just such a trip to those on your friend list who like to travel and prefer an adventure Pukapuka is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and has 600 inhabitants Surely one of them would have a cold beer for an old pilgrimMemo to others The CD that came in the box was Sigh No More by Mumford Sons It proved coincidentally to be the perfect soundtrack for reading this book

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Read & Download Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln Fünfzig Inseln auf denen ich nie war und niemals sein werde 104 M the mainland whether its inhabited its features and the stories that have shaped its lore With full color maps and an air of mysterious adventure Atlas of Remote Island is perfect for the traveler or romantic in all of u. This is genuinely a delightful book And it s such an original concept I mean how often do you think of islands Really think of islands Not very often Me either Judith Schalansky however has thought about islands a lot and she shares it with the world in this beautiful book Each island takes up two pages one with a small description and one with a simple but wonderful illustration of the island The description is not a description per se it s a selected story about the island itself a piece of its history or a story that relates to the island in some way I know that islands exist of course but I had no idea that so many of them were so inaccessible or that some of them have got such a rich weird grotesue or down right horrible history I just love it I love hearing about these weird odd details about the world that there exists places we d be hard pressed to access we ve been to the moon for godssake but some of these islands Of course we probably won t put in the effort considering we might not find anything interesting but some of these stories certainly tell you otherwise Some of the stories Schalansky shares are incredible in their awfulness or ridiculousness Some of these islands contain so much mystery and events we ll never learn the truth of Some of them have inhabitants and societies with rules laws and norms that directly defy what we think is right or thought possible There s Tikopia for instance with a population of 1200 and not because this is the number of people the island can feed Population control was of utmost importance and apparently involved people voluntarily killing themselves killing babies if they knew they couldn t feed them down the line celibacy etc I don t think they do this any but still Holy shit There s the Floreana island where a school teacher and a dentist moved to live alone and naked it would seem then another woman and two of her lovers arrived as well and this new woman terrorizes the island Everyone ends up dead but the schoolteacher who returns to the mainland the skeleton of one of them is found on an entirely different island no one knows what happened Some of it is downright unbelievable There s a story about a boy who learns a language through dreams that s only spoken on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean where he s never been Some guy gets eaten by penguins It s incredible The stories go from descriptive to be about historical events recent events events that are curious mysterious events we recognize or it s things we most likely have no idea ever took place Schalansky captures what it is that makes islands to her so captivating and interesting They re vastly different there are islands from all over the world with different nature size animals accessibility histories One island had had until recently less people on it than there had been on the moon It s such a delightful way to show how odd and weird and incredible the earth is And islands in their isolation in their disregard for what happens all over the rest of the world feel removed foreign and strange it s seeing earth in a new way a reminder that there s so much that s wild untamed untouched and mysterious on this planet still I wish she d been precise in the descriptions sometimes She could have added a few dates to let us know if the story is new or old and sometimes the stories were a little sparse on information making it difficult to figure out exactly what she was trying to tell I always would have liked her to include in a few instances about the actual island and not just some vaguely related story they were still interesting stories though All island illustrations also had these yellow markings but nowhere is it described what they re for Sometimes you can figure it out sometimes not so maybe that should have been addedBut my critiue is minimal and honestly it s a beautifully illustrated book of 50 islands with peculiar fascinating stories Definitely the sort of book you d like for your coffee table Or if you want islands to be cool again Or if you like maps islands or pretty books It s honestly very versatile

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Read & Download Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln Fünfzig Inseln auf denen ich nie war und niemals sein werde 104 A rare and beautifully illustrated journey to fifty faraway worlds There are still places on earth that are unknown Visually stunning and uniuely designed this wondrous book captures fifty islands that are far away in ever. This is the anti travel book You ve never been to these places and if you know what s good for you you never will The author has never seen them either In fact hardly any living person has been to these spots and with good reason

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  • Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln Fünfzig Inseln auf denen ich nie war und niemals sein werde
  • Judith Schalansky
  • English
  • 10 October 2019
  • 9780143118206