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  • Witch Child
  • Celia Rees
  • English
  • 04 March 2018
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READ & DOWNLOAD Witch Child ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Er beloved grandmother is hanged in the public suare as a witch Mary narrowly escapes a similar fate only to face intolerance and new danger among the Puritans in the New World How long can she hide her true identity Will she ever find a place where her healing powers will not be fearedJust two weeks after publication C This wonderful historical novel for teenagers begins I am Mary I am a witch It is set in 1659 during the tumultuous months after Cromwell s death and before the return of Charles II Her story is purportedly told in diary entries that have been found sewn inside a uilt It is a tragic and powerful tale which begins when Mary s grandmother is arrested and tortured by witch finders and then hanged in the town suare Mary is rescued by a rich woman who she suspects may be her real mother and sent to join a group of Puritans fleeing to the New World However the Puritans are stern and narrow minded and uick to blame any misfortune on witchcraft Mary finds herself in increasing danger as the party lands in Salem Massachusetts A growing friendship with a Native American and his shaman grandfather increases her risk A simple yet powerful tale that explores the nature of magic and superstition faith and cruelty

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Witch Child

READ & DOWNLOAD Witch Child ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF The spellbinding diary of a teenage girl who escapes persecution as a witch only to face new intolerance in a Puritan settlementEnter the world of young Mary Newbury a world where simply being different can cost a person her life Hidden until now in the pages of her diary Mary's startling story begins in 1659 the year h The North American witch hunts of the 1600 s was a tumultuous and horrifying time in our history particularly for women who were unable to conform to the norms of society Witch Child is a diary of sorts that starts out with Mary recounting the horrific and humiliating witch trial that her beloved old grandmother had to endure before her public execution in England It follows Mary as she makes her journey to the New World where she realized that things are not much different than they were in England This is not your typical Salem witch trial esue novel I was a bit worried it would be just another retelling of The Crucible or The Witch Of Blackbird Pond Sure it keeps in the interesting historical facts but it adds a new twist Here is why Witch Child is original and captivatingOur protagonist Mary is a not only a terrified puritan girl wanting to avoid being accused of witchcraft But she is in fact a witch Well really like a modern day Pagan or Wiccan But still considered a full blown witch by their standardsThe other thing that makes this book stand out from its contemporaries is that Rees has created a artful parallel between two cultures and thus a compelling statement about how laws and opinions are highly influenced by society In the woods near the city of Beulah where Mary is living there is a Native American people who strongly revere shamanism and second sight in their people In stark contrast to their puritan neighbors who as we all know are sending many a young woman to the gallows for the same thing I found this new spin on an old favorite topic compelling and engrossing despite the fact that some of the sub characters were a little flat and boring If I had to choose just one word to describe Witch Child it would be Enchanting Recommended for anyone who loves witch lore Early American historical fiction andor Native American culture4 stars from me

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READ & DOWNLOAD Witch Child ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Elia Rees's WITCH CHILD spirited its way onto the Book Sense Children's Only 76 list as one of the Top 10 books that independent booksellers like to handsell Within a month this riveting book sold out its first two hardcover printings Now Candlewick Press is pleased to announce the publication of WITCH CHILD in paperbac This book was just as good as it was the first time I read it