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Read & Download Velvet Submission Club Velvet Ice #3 104 E Domme who can command his soul as well as his body Megan sees Ds as a power play; for her it’s not about sex it’s all about control She’s not the Domme for Gregori she knows it So why can’t she walk away from the sexy Russian Because all she wan. Woah I read some books that had pegging in them it s one of my favorite kinks but this scene at the end of this story was undoubtedly the HOTTEST I ever read I liked that every sex scene was completely uniue nothing repetitive here Sure there are some holes in the plot but I hardly NOTICED the plot at all sofive stars

characters Velvet Submission Club Velvet Ice #3Velvet Submission Club Velvet Ice #3

Read & Download Velvet Submission Club Velvet Ice #3 104 Ts is Gregori’s Velvet SubmissionMolten Silver Warning this book contains a wicked hot Russian submissive who always gets what he wants a steel magnolia of a Domme who knows how to put on a show anal and sensation play and a good ole boy who gets school. Nice short story also if Mistress Megan seem not to me a very true Dom while Gregory is true e really sub

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Read & Download Velvet Submission Club Velvet Ice #3 104 Gregori learned all about pain and submission in Communist Russia but it wasn’t until he came to America that he was able to make sense of those lessons Now he’s learned to take the pain and make it the source of his strength and he’s looking for th. A good story fairly well written about the growing awareness that the wants and needs of the masculine and well formed body of Gregori a natural sub conflicts with his idealization of the Club s Domme Megan He wants to be Megans sub for sexual purposes as well as love Megans needs are in power play and she believes not sexual Her needs to Domme are as an antithesis to her caring compassionate yet emotionally draining work in A E of people s life and death at the hospital Compounding difficulties from a powerful and controlling father have to be confronted and realized with her Mothers help before the potential of their relationship and future can be pursued Some aspects of this story warrant 4 stars but compared to other prominent author s of this genre I feel it fits overall as a good three star just falls short for four in my subjective opinion Well worth a read though

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