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Hawk's Passion Read ¾ 108 Ire to seduce innocent Elizabeth Huntington No matter how determined she was to make her own way in the rowdy war ravaged city Jason swore he would protect the daring young beauty from Gault help find her missing family and then win her hear Great seriesI am thoroughly enjoying this series of books western Romance Suspense Finish one and go right to the next My house will never get cleaned

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Hawk's Passion Read ¾ 108 Theirs was a tale of tragedy and triumphFour children abandoned in an orphanage Two missing parents One man whose hatred had divided a family whose duplicity ended in murder inextricably weaving all their lives together in a web of lies that Absolute rubbishWhy bother mentioning the four siblings if you re not going to add them in the plot At least the sibling that has come foward so far This book was so disappointing in so many ways There was no chemistry between H and h There was barely any contact between them until 68% of the book where all of a sudden the clothes are coming off and they re going at it Where was the character development Also this is a historical with contemporary vocabulary One of the villains refers to H as boyfriend really At 98% the H and h are strutting around as a couple with no chaperone which i find hard to believe in this era especially with supposedly respectable peopleIt was also annoying how easy and predictable it was for conversations to be overheard and plots to form This book seemed like an attempt at suspense and thriller with a little romance thrown in There was a marriage somewhere too but that was just thrown in at the epilogue and wasn t even from the H or h perspective Futher in the epilogue is mention that they will be backI have a feeling the next two books will be just a another bunch of rubbish while waiting for the actual story in book four That s if you want to see the siblings together

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Hawk's Passion Read ¾ 108 Only time could untangleSimon GaultJason would do whatever it took to bring down the corrupt shipping magnate The supposedly upright citizen had betrayed Galveston during the war causing untold deaths But even disturbing was his twisted des The choiceThis book was okay I just could not feel the love in the beginning The story was just too buckeye for me

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