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  • Même le silence a une fin
  • Ingrid Betancourt
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  • 20 February 2018
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Même le silence a une fin

Free download µ Même le silence a une fin ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Of that time The facts of her story are astounding but it is Betancourt’s indomitable spirit that drives this very special narrative an intensely intelligent thoughtful and compassionate reflection on what it really means to be human«Enchaînée par le cou à un arbre privée de toute liberté celle de bouger de s'asseoir de se lever ; celle de parler ou de se taire ; celle de boire ou de manger ; et même la plus élémentaire celle d'assouvir les besoins de son corps J'ai pris conscience – apr?. You spend a little over six years in captivity in the Colombian jungle together tortured sick and hopeless and you d think that once you re free all you d really care about is the fact that the nightmare has finally come to an end But in a day and age where surviving an especially shitty chapter in your life almost reuires that you write a memoir to forever document this painful period in your life it s really no surprise to find a book like Ingrid Betancourt s Even Silence Has An End but what s surprising is that one of her fellow captives an American who was part of a drug surveillance operation publicly bashed Betancourt in his own memoir and claimed she was worse than the guards You know I remember the footage of the former Colombian presidential candidate Betancourt being released in 2008 after years of being held hostage in the jungle where she d been chained by the neck to trees suffered from untreated infections long periods of starvation and endured torturous stretches of forced marches The recipient of multiple international awards Betancourt was one of the famous political prisoners and was taken hostage in 2002 while she was running for president When she was finally rescued 2008 along with 14 other hostages among them were three Americans Marc Gonsalves Keith Stansell and Thomas Howes were American Northrop Grumman contractors who ran into plane engine trouble during a drug surveillance mission After their plane crashed they were taken hostage by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia aka FARC Stansell an American intelligence analyst and ex Marine has been the most critical of the three claiming that Betancourt was the most disgusting human being I ve ever encountered He claimed Betancourt was haughty self absorbed stole their food hoarded books and risked their lives by informing the guards that they were CIASo having read about all of this prior to picking up Betancourt s memoir I couldn t help but look at her account of things with a grain of salt But you know what You read her book and you can t help but understand both sides of the stories I mean I think our high school English teachers forced us to read Lord of the Flies for a reason it helps you to understand that in some situations when you re stuck with a bunch of other people under circumstances that aren t in your control this ugly side of you starts to emerge the longer you re in that situation In her memoir Betancourt recounts a number of attempts to run away She even stood up to the guerrillas on a number of occasions displaying what I thought were remarkable shows of courage in an attempt to stick by her principles but it seems that some of her fellow captives saw her as nothing than a troublemaker who made things difficult for them in the short term Reading this book there were moments where I felt like I was being held captive right along with Betancourt and I don t mean that in a good way The writing was okay if a little grandiose at times and I didn t find it difficult to slough throughbut still reading it I could only begin to imagine what it was like to actually go through what she did At one point she writes The flatness of life the boredom time that was forever starting over again just the same it all acted like a sedative Man did I ever get what she was talking about

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Free download µ Même le silence a une fin ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ?s de longues années – ue l'on garde tout de même la plus précieuse de toutes la liberté ue personne ne peut jamais vous ôter celle de décider ui l'on veut être» Même le silence a une fin raconte les six ans et demi de captivité d'Ingrid Betancourt dans la jungle colombienne aux mains des FARC Récit intime d'une aventure ui ne ressemble à aucune autre voyage hanté palpitant du début à la fin c'est aussi une méditation sur la condition des damnés – et sur ce ui fonde la nature humai. This was a very difficult book to read The details of the author s years in captivity were so horrifying sometimes I had to pretend I was reading fiction because the notion that it was a memoir was tough to accept I thought about putting the book down many times and not finishing it but I plowed through to the end becauase I figured I would learn valuable lessons from the reading experience These are the insights I gained1I was already against drugs before but now that I ve realized some of the specifics of how cocaine money is used in Columbia I cannot condone any encounter with the drug2The book was a difficult experience for me to read yes but that s nothing compared to the horrors that the author had to endure I believe it s our responsibility as happy free people to shoulder a small part of others burdens by reading their stories I also believe it s our duty to practice gratitude on a daily basis for all the good we have in our lives because there are so many people in the world struggling with problems we can barely fathomAll that being said I gave the book three stars rather than four or five because it was confusing to read The story was not told in chronological order and I often got the characters mixed up Perhaps the author did this deliberately because her memory of the events during her hostage period were all mixed up and out of order Regardless of the reason I got confused about some of the major plot points and characters and I really don t want to read the book again just to get clarification

Summary Même le silence a une fin

Free download µ Même le silence a une fin ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Betancourt’s riveting accountis an unforgettable epic of moral courage and human endurance – Los Angeles TimesIn the midst of her campaign for the Colombian presidency in 2002 Ingrid Betancourt traveled into a military controlled region where she was abducted by the FARC a brutal terrorist guerrilla organization in conflict with the government She would spend the next six and a half years captive in the depths of the Colombian jungle Even Silence Has an End is her deeply moving and personal account. After everything that s been said about Ingrid Betancourt I was curious to read this It is a long book it certainly could have been shorter by 100 pages or so but I found it compelling the kind of book I think about even when I m not reading it There s so much I could say about this book and my reaction to it so this will be a long and rambling review If you can t be bothered with my review my bottom line recommendation is read the book and make up your own mindBetancourt evokes the claustrophobia of the jungle and her own emotional state so vividly that you feel you are there What she went through was unspeakable something no human being should inflict on another Because of that I found some of the reviews shocking than the book itself It was her own fault for going there against government advice say some implying presumably that she should have been left to rot Let s be clear the only people to blame for her kidnapping and six years of captivity are the FARC And certainly no one who was not there has the right to judge any of the hostagesSome people also accuse her of arrogance and score settling It s hard to sustain this last accusation because when she criticises the behaviour of other hostages she virtually never mentions names She says nothing about Clara Rojas relationship with presumably one of the guerilleros who was the father of her child The only case apart from her falling out with Clara where mutual animosity is very evident is with one of the American contractors Keith Stansell who is on record as describing her as the most disgusting human being I ve ever encountered Nice He s not exactly an angel himself given that before being captured he was engaged to one woman while having an affair with another When the second woman got pregnant he proposed to keep the resulting twins a secret and marry his blissfully ignorant fianc e anyway The assertive even bossy Betancourt was undoubtedly not his cup of tea and reading between the lines it seems likely that the FARC encouraged these tensions between hostages on the principle of divide and ruleAnyway personalities aside any first hand account of an experience like this must be partial and subjective how could it be otherwise You can t point at any of these accounts and say they are the truth each person experienced it differently They could not keep detailed notes Betancourt did have notebooks occasionally but burnt them regularly and says herself she had difficulty recalling the seuence of events The emotion in this book rings true though It s clear in the early chapters that Betancourt had lived a privileged life being treated as a special person in both her public and her private life and used to getting her own way She describes a secretary who worked for her for several years and still trembled in her presence Being snatched from all this was a huge emotional shock In the first years of her captivity alone with Clara in a space a few metres suare their relationship uickly fell apart under the strain Later in the larger group of hostages some accused her of getting special treatment because of her status and resented the fact that the French government was negotiating for her freedom this must have been particularly galling for the Americans whose government appears to have forgotten all about them If Betancourt s account is to be believed this special treatment included being chained by the neck to a tree 24 hours a day reuired to pitch her tent on top of a colony of venomous ants denied food and medical treatment and being forbidden to talk to the other hostages Their guards deliberately fomented discord between hostages and were constantly moving them separating them from those they had become friends with and spreading rumours There were scenes here that were reminiscent of concentration camp memoirs there are always some prisoners who will attempt to ingratiate themselves with the guards in order to gain favours while others cling to their principles come hell or high water In one famous scene the guards decide to reuire the hostages to shout out numbers in order to facilitate counting them Ingrid refuses calling out her name instead This angered other hostages who feared reprisals but I could understand her reaction it wasn t just egoism but also a well founded belief that reducing people to numbers makes it easier to mistreat them And it worked the guards reverted to names On another occasion the guards confiscated all the prisoners precious radios except Ingrid s because she had managed to hide it I was appalled that another hostage threatened to shop her to the guards unless she handed it over to him I don t submit to blackmail she responded calling his bluff since carrying out his threat would have meant no radios at allShe is unsparing in describing her own reactions and is certainly not above criticising her own behaviour as well as that of other hostages Selected uotes my translationsIn captivity I discovered that my ego suffered if I was denied what I wanted I observed a transformation in myself that I did not like And I liked it even less because of the fact that I objected to it in othersMy heart hardened as I listened to Guillermo because I condemned in him what I did not like in myself My eyes were opened to the importance of remaining humble wherever the wheel of fortune has placed you I had to be taken to the bottom to understand thisBut finally after years of struggle and endurance when she has lost hope of rescue and expects to die in the jungle she writes movingly that she is no longer afraid of the FARC commandant because she has accepted deathIn this condition of the most devastating humiliation I still possessed the most precious of liberties that no one could take away from me that of deciding who I wanted to beI found the last few chapters of her resignation to her fate and the joy of release the most moving without wishing to add a spoiler there s a surprising little love story here too After all the controversy especially over her badly misjudged decision to claim compensation from the Colombian government her legal right but politically extremely unwise I had respect for her when I d finished this book than I did before But I also now feel I must read the book by the three American contractors