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Read & Download If Only AUTHOR Geri Halliwell ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB D the term Girl Power or as the heart stopping beauty in the famous Union Jack dress Geri Halliwell had uite a lot to do with making journalists and pop music fans around the world pay attention to a virtually unknown uintet from London Geri's departure from the band in May 1998 when they were at their chart busting peak was front page news around the world leaving reporters and fans scrambling for answers Now in If Only Geri Halliwell is ready to share detailing her troubled childhood her father's untimely death her breast cancer scare her complex relationships with the other Spice Girls and her constant. I love this book and this is the first autobiography is have ever readbeing a spice girls fan and particularly Geri s fan i can t help but want to know about her The i read this book the i can relate to her and her decision to leave the Spice girlsShe discusses about her family and explains everything uite clearly Geri is a clever womanwho is brave to express herself and definitely define the word Girl Power

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Read & Download If Only AUTHOR Geri Halliwell ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB From ex Spice Girl Geri Halliwell one of the world's most famous pop superstars comes her own honest revealing and poignant life story For the first time ever Geri herself takes readers past the glamorous facade of Ginger Spice to show the vulnerably real young woman behind it Illustrated with dozens of photographs If Only is part coming of age story and part inspirational memoir chronicling Geri's search for acceptance and purpose that would lead her into and ultimately away from music's greatest girl group phenomenon the Spice GirlsAs the unofficial spokesperson for the Spice Girls as the woman who coine. It is the ultimate cinderella storythe Spice Girls came from absolutely nowherewith very limited talent to become world famousAnd it was Ginger SpiceGeri Halliwellwho as long as she was with themwas the best known of them allThis was the girl who coined the term Girl PowerI can t stand their soundI don t consider it musicWhen I watch their youtube clipsI see a lot of jumping abouta lot of noise and little elseBut this book surprised meI loved itThe best thing about it is the humourIt s been a long time since I re

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Read & Download If Only AUTHOR Geri Halliwell ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Battle with feelings of inadeuacyGeri Halliwell had grown up telling herself if only If only she were taller If only she were thinner If only she were talented By learning never to give up never to accept the status uo Geri turned a life of urban poverty ill health and broken promises into one of wealth celebrity and social activism An inspirational book from a remarkable young woman who took a step back to gainperspective and to devote herself to the causes for which she feels strongly If Only is than a real life Cinderella story It is a lesson in perseverance and self esteem for girls and women everywher. Very easy reading and uite interesting not just for the behind the scenes of the Spice Girls but also getting to know Geri on a personal level I never realized just how much she battled with her personal life and appearance but through reading this book it was nice to see first hand that she s really just a normal person with common problems