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SUMMARY Artemisia Gentileschi 107 Of the seventeenth century and the only female follower of Caravaggio This first full length study of her life and work shows that he. WowSo much to learn in a really well researched workAn almost forgotten painter with a powerful femininefeminist message

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SUMMARY Artemisia Gentileschi 107 R powerfully original treatments of mythic heroic female subjects depart radically from traditional interpretations of the same theme. I only read about half of this book for research purposes but it is incredibly thorough and interesting while still being rather accessible to people not in academia Would recommend especially to people interesting in women in history and art

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SUMMARY Artemisia Gentileschi 107 Artemisia Gentileschi widely regarded as the most important woman artist before the modern period was a major Italian Baroue painter. List of IllustrationsPreface Artemisia Gentileschi The Image of the Female Hero in Italian Baroue Art Appendix A The Letters of Artemisia GentileschiAppendix B Testimony of the Rape Trial of 1612NotesWorks CitedIndex