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summary سمفونی مردگان 108 Rld War through the trials ghostly recollections of its very individual members who include Ideen the frus It reminded me of the movie mother 2017 That the brother can simply kill the other brother That we are making the fairy tales Adam and Eve of the past so real and visible in our life It has an Antigone like other novels and storiesThe protagonist changes through out every chapter of the book for playing with your brain not to be tired of reading it As a human living in 21th century the book didn t give me sth I looked for I think he wanted to start a story like the cien a os de soledad Gabriel Garc a M ruez however he made an awful one rather than the cien a os As though The most great thing about the book was that it is confusing to recognize the omniscient We can say that all the

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سمفونی مردگان

summary سمفونی مردگان 108 This novel traces the fate of the Urkhani family in the Iranian town of Ardabil before after the Second Wo Is it okay if i say I just kept reading the book because I enjoyed the font And how the papers feel There were some good uotes but that s it

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summary سمفونی مردگان 108 Trated poet; Urhan his greedy talentless younger brother; Yousef whose childhood antics left him paralysed BinazirJust nothing only a way 2read it and are a world of wonders in writing and only the time u discover urself when sank in itAz unai k HICH vat yadam nemireuno 2donyaun daso pa mizane adamBinazir

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  • 272
  • سمفونی مردگان
  • Abbas Maroufi
  • English
  • 07 November 2019
  • 9780955233968