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All That Glitters Landry #3 Free download Ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Y can forget even the shocking reason she and Paul must wed in a secret ceremony and remain husband and wife in name alone But the thick expensive walls of Cypress Woods cannot shut out the terrible memories that have woven their fabric over her destiny or the cold eyes of Paul's mother Gladys reminding Ruby of the secret she must keep to give Pearl a loving father Then her venomous twin sister Gisselle arrives to taunt her with news of. Totally ridiculous and over the top story line but I loved every page of it Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby What were you thinking How was it ever a good idea to marry your half brother for security when he is still madly in love with you You went on and on about how lives shouldn t be based on lies and then go about creating the biggest lie for yourself You only had to wait a year ONE YEAR before you would have been given your trust money and then you could have lived a happy lie free life with pleanty of money In the meantime Gisselle marries Beau after convincing him that she s like Ruby Why would you waste your time on someone who didn t even love you Just because she delights in tormenting Ruby with this BUT THENWAIT FOR IT Gisselle becomes paralysed and goes into a coma so Beau comes up with this brilliant plan that Ruby and Gisselle can switch places He gets to live with the women he loves and Paul gets to look after a sick Gisselle Yay Everyones happy Well except Paul trust him to put a downer on the whole thing Goes of the rails and then ends up getting himself killed I really didn t understand why Ruby would have been so selfish to do this She never should have married him in the first place but switching places with her sister was just pure selfish madness I lost some respect for her after this After Paul dies his parents take Pearl resulting in a courtcase where the truth is revealed and everything is okay Sooooo why did they not just tell the truth in the first place And why were they not punished for pretending to be someone who was dead Is that not a pretty big crime I don t know the whole thing is incredibly stupid but so compelling Must keep reading Landry saga

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All That Glitters Landry #3 Free download Ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Beau Andreas the true father Pearl has never met and the only man Ruby will ever long for with all her body and soul Desperate to find the complete fulfilling life she craves Ruby builds a precarious new existence a flimsy shanty of hope that the first flood washes away Only when the storm exposes the very blackest evils of the past will she glimpse the rainbow's fragile promise a morning of sunshine and laughter with a family of her own. Even though it s been a long time since I ve read this I remembered the plot fairly well so it was interesting to read knowing what was about to unravelI ended up enjoying this one even this time around The first half is the best but the second half had me gnawing my fingernails even though I knew the outcome As an adult I can better understand Ruby s decisions even if they weren t well thought out I also managed to like Beau a little better than in the previous books because he owned up to his past actions and stepped up when needed Still not my favorite person but I respected him for thatI still love Paul and cried at his demise He deserved better The setting of Cypress Woods is my second favorite setting in the entire VCA universeThe story for this one is wild in a soap opera kind of way but it made for a fun reread I d say this one is almost as good as the previous book

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All That Glitters Landry #3 Free download Ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Driven from the Dumas Mansion back to her beloved bayou Ruby's only hope is that fate will let her begin anew Living again in a humble shack Ruby is determined to make a secure and happy home for her precious infant daughter Pearl Paul Tate her first love whom she was forced to abandon is at her side once now a man of dazzling wealth When he whisks her into his grand house it seems their future is assured As mistress of Cypress Woods Rub. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD I am giving this one an extra star than it deserves simply because of the sheer entertainment value All That Glitters is the third book in the Landry Saga By now we re firmly entrenched in silly soap like shenanigans Ruby is married to her half brother Paul Giselle is still a bitch and is now married to Beau and Daphne conveniently falls off a horse and dies so we don t have to worry too much about her any The first half of the novel builds up to an affair between Ruby and Beau why on earth she would want him back after he ditched her when she got pregnant and then married her sister is anyone s guess but whatever and then the pair try to work out a way that they can be together forever obviously divorce or elopement isn t an option here they have no idea what is to be done and then Hey Presto Giselle contracts a deadly disease She and Ruby trade places everyone thinks that Ruby is dead and the real Ruby can return to New Orleans with Beau and pretend to be Giselle And then Paul goes mad with grief believing that his wifesister is dead and drowns And if that wasn t bad enough Paul s mother wants custody of Ruby s child Actually I don t really blame the formidable Gladys Tate for this For one at this point she doesn t know that Giselle is actually Ruby And for another why would anyone trust an irresponsible prick who never wanted his child before now anyway and an unstable spoiled brat like Giselle to look after a child This is a child for heaven s sake But needless to say there is a court trial Ruby reveals her true identity wins Pearl back and they all live happily ever afterAs I stated before this book has some great entertainment value It s stilly unbelievable and unpredictable but it is still a damn sight entertaining than some of the later VC Andrews novels that would follow

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