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Delilah Devlin à 4 Read & Download Read & Download × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Delilah Devlin Unforgiven Lone Star Lovers #2 Read & Download É 104 How does a man get over a cheating woman Sweet revengeLone Star Lovers Book 2For Cutter Standifer the pretty little redhead who opened a cafe in Two Mule Texas was the one Until he caught her in a compromising position with the town s worst womanizer To further strain his rigid code his little sister just married the same damn bastard who shattered his world and she s living in sin with him and another manA y. Katie s a beautiful redheaded small town Texas diner owner Cutter s the sexy rich rancher who s dating her When things aren t progressing in the relationship as fast as Katie would like she does a stupid thing and tries to make Cutter jealous with the town s bad boy Except Katie lets things go too far Cutter catches her almost in the act and storms out of her life Now Cutter won t forgive her and Katie can t really blame him But she still loves him What can she doCutter s furious with Katie He thought she was the one but got scared and pulled back from the relationship making Katie think that he didn t care When she was unfaithful it wrecked his world But he can t get Katie out of his mind he still wants her physically but no way will he risk his heart on her again When Cutter proposes a no strings sex only relationship Katie agrees thinking this may be a way back into Cutter s closed off heart Can Katie do the impossible and get Cutter to forgive her and give their relationship another chanceEh this one was just okay for me Nothing wrong with the writing it was interesting enough to keep me reading but I didn t really like either the hero or heroine I thought Cutter was cold arrogant acted like a bastard much of the time and was out to punish Katie and make her hurt as she hurt him And I couldn t respect Katie Yes she made a foolish mistake and I believed that she regretted it but I thought she was an idiot to let Cutter treat her the way he did Maybe she thought she deserved that treatment I guess What these two needed was to act like a couple of adults and talk out their problems or leave each other alone But then we d have no storyThis is the second book in the Lone Star Lovers series the first being Unbridled which I haven t read That one is about Cutter s sister and the two men in her life one of who cheated with Katie in that book So I m guessing that this book picks up where that one left offIf infidelity in your romances doesn t bother you and you enjoy a story where a once loving couple try to find a way to put their mistakes behind them you may enjoy this book There s plenty of sexual activity but I can honestly say that all of it was not the most loving kind Things do work themselves out in the end and the Hh get over their childish behavior but I m afraid it came a little late for me 3 12 stars

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Delilah Devlin à 4 Read & Download Read & Download × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Delilah Devlin Unforgiven Lone Star Lovers #2 Read & Download É 104 Ear later he still can t forgive his ex girlfriend And forget Forget hell He s ready to kick his code into the nearest manure pile and take what he never had from her full satisfactionThat fateful morning all Katie Grissom meant to do was use the bad boy s reputation to force Cutter to piss or get off the pot where their own relationship was concerned But she went too far deliciously too far giving Cutter an. Unforgiven Lone Star Lovers Book 2 Katie Grissom came to Two Mule Texas to open a cafe She had fended off most of the suitors focusing only on her cafe until she accepted a date with Cutter StandiferCutter Standifer thought the gorgeous redhead that had moved to Two Mule Texas and opened a cafe could be his One That was until she betrayed him and broke his heartKatie is back in Two Mule Texas and Cutter is not in a forgiving mood especially when the man she betrayed him with is about to marry his sister Cutter is determined to hurt Katie as much as she did him only things don t uite go as planned and Cutter is left to rethink what he really wantsUnforgiven is a great short read This was a first for me with a heroine being unfaithful but the storyline was well written and the characters are very believable

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Delilah Devlin à 4 Read & Download Read & Download × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Delilah Devlin Unforgiven Lone Star Lovers #2 Read & Download É 104 Eyeful she lived to regretWhen Cutter offers her a no strings affair she jumps at the chance hoping to either break through the rigid wall he s built around his heart or get him out of her system for goodWarning When a hard as nails cowboy finally lets loose on the only woman he s ever loved expect the loving to get hot enough to melt a cold cold heart toys front and slammin backdoor sex are only the beginnin. Another really uick read Man I usually hate the short ones Pretty much pure erotica Somehow a nice little story did emerge continuing the story starting with the wedding Then moving on to Cutter and Katie going over their messy past and deciphering if they can have a future I enjoyed this one

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