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review Ä Blacklands Er school whilst his classmates swap football stickers twelve year old Steven digs holes on Exmoor hoping to find a body His uncle disappeared aged eleven and is assumed to have fallen victim to the notorious serial killer Arnold Avery but his body has never been foundSteven's Nan does not believe her son is dead She still waits for him to come home standing bitter guard at the front window while her family fragments around he. This book shows the damage to a family through generations that a single evil person can do It also shows the innocence of a child growing up with this damage and how that child believes he can

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review Ä Blacklands Previously released edition of ISBN 9780552158848 VOTED CRIME NOVEL OF THE YEAR when it was first released and still the most gripping powerful thriller debut you will read this yearSPECIAL EDITION FEATURING AN EXCLUSIVE EXTRACT FROM BELINDA'S ADDICTIVE NEW NOVEL SNAP the book Val McDermid has hailed as the best crime novel she has read in years Steven Lamb is 12 when he writes his first letter to a serial killer Every day aft. I thought about giving it 4 maybe 4 and half stars but this book deserves a 5 star ratingThe writing in this book is beautiful It s impossible not to understand and feel Steven s pain It s hear

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review Ä Blacklands R Steven is determined to heal the widening cracks between them before it's too late even if that means presenting his grandmother with the bones of her murdered sonSo Steven takes the next logical step carefully crafting a letter to Arnold Avery in prison And there begins a dangerous cat and mouse game between a desperate child and a bored psychopath Belinda Bauer's pulse pounding new thriller SNAP is available to pre order n. I was actually uite disappointed with Blacklands I thought that it was a good story but was very short and this could have been the reason that it didn t involve me as much as I felt that it

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