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Links by Nuruddin Farah Review ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Read Links by Nuruddin Farah Here was a jail cell And who could feel nostalgic for a city like this US troops have come and gone and the decimated city is ruled by clan warlords and patrolled by aat chewing gangs who shoot civilians to relieve their adolescent boredom Diverted in his pilgri. Seeking exposure to life outside my middle aged middle ish class American bubble I asked a fellow truckdriver about books to help me learn about real life in his home country of Somalia He told me about Somali writer Narrudin Farah who became internationally famous for challenging his country s prevailing views on women especially in his book From a Crooked Rib Rib was not available to me on audio so I chose Links The second book in this trio Knots reportedly returns to feminist themes The storytelling in Links is much slower paced than I can usually bear in the absence of lyrical writing However I decided the pacing was an important element in the narrative itself and ignored the bail out impulse this time The setting is the turn of this century in war torn Somalia where just moving about in public called for an unrushed approach with planning and caution and protection often in the formof gun toting children The characters backstory and the central mystery an abduction adds suspicion and intrigue The tension created by the slow narrative worked in my favor so far as my experiment is empathy goesI suspect this book was written with western readers in mind Long expository passages made for some unnatural dialogue but this was very helpful The book and a uick peek at the Wikipedia article on Somalia put vague memories of news reports into contextLinks definitely fulfilled my objective to explore life in this part of Africa It also contributed to expanding my understanding that colonialism and the dismantling of it is much much complicated and ruinous than I understood Little by little beginning with Trevor Noah s South Africa and continued here I m also beginning to grasp the intricacies of ethnic clan tribal and class cohabitation and conflict on the African content But did I LIKE the book you wonder I had the same uestion when I finished it Having thought about it a day or so I would say yes I absolutely feel enriched by having read it The writing and fantastic audible narration kept me engaged once I adjusted to the pace I thought the characters were mostly well developed and complex and I had a moderately good handle on the protagonist s emotional journey I do feel like I missed some cultural subtext or symbolic meaning relating to the children at the center of the story and I am not familiar enough with Dante s Inferno to really appreciate its use as a framing devicetouchstone here However I think understanding will come as I think about LinksThis book is neither plot driven nor character driven and the themes as explored herein are not easily grasped by my western mind It will take time and effort to fully appreciate what Farah has to say and I will endeavor to devote of both to Links

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Links by Nuruddin Farah Review ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Read Links by Nuruddin Farah Mage to visit his mother's grave Jeebleh is asked to investigate the abduction of the young daughter of one of his closest friend's family But he learns uickly that any act in this city particularly an act of justice is much complicated than he might have imagin. I see complaints from some reviewers about Farah s idiosyncratic sometimes rather formal even artificial style But I find his style with his offbeat similes for example to lend an appropriate strangeness to a story in which characters desperately and often unsuccessfully seek to find meaning in a society that has come close to collapse The book represents various struggles with madness that seem created by the setting of Mogadiscio itselfParticularly telling for me were the interspersed dreams of the protagonist Jeebleh Early on he dreams disturbingly of himself as a ruthless young fighter with his clan despite this representing everything he opposes And the problem of clan allegiances and the use of the pronouns we they and I run through the book And then later Jeebleh dreams he is a crab and on waking finds himself walking sideways to the ocean as if to show just how malleable identity can beEven in this bleak context there are suggestions of possibilities for identity friendship and community transcending clannish allegiances but violence atomization and insecurity are never far away

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Links by Nuruddin Farah Review ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Read Links by Nuruddin Farah From the internationally acclaimed author of North of Dawn Links is a novel that will stand as a classic of modern world literatureJeebleh is returning to Mogadiscio Somalia for the first time in twenty years But this is not a nostalgia trip his last residence t. The book was very hard to finish It was overfilled with bad metaphors The story itself was terrible Even though everything was explained over and over again I never understood Jeebleh or any other character in the bookIt felt like a 300 400 pages short story The story never really started Like flying over a landscape with a heavy dark raincloud beneath you All you want is to dive under the cloud and see the landscape I wanted to understand the book but a big dark cloud followed every single page

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