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  • 09 October 2019
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The temple goers

The temple goers Free download È 5 En Aakash is arrested for murder the two of them are suddenly swept up in a politically sensitive investigation that exposes the true corruption at the heart of this new and ruthless society In a voice that is both cruel and tender The Temple goers brings to life the dazzling story of a city uietly burning with rage. Am confused I liked the fluid writing in parts the sexual confusion of the writer was also well put and the pages kept me glued with aatish and aakash but the other characters were too stereotypical and under developed As a reader something seemed missing and that s where the book fails I want to read and of Tasseer though

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The temple goers Free download È 5 A young man returns home to Delhi after several years abroad and resumes his place among the city's cosmopolitan elite a world of fashion designers media moguls and the idle rich But everything around him has changed new roads new restaurants new money new crime everything that is except for the people who are the s. I wish I liked this book I desperately wanted to like it After all I d read Aatish Taseer s Stranger to History A Son s Journey Through Islamic Lands and liked it uite a bit So when I came across this by chance I picked it up It d had rave reviews in The Independent the sharpest and best written fictions about the country it had VS Naipaul s endorsement a young writer to watch it was shortlisted for the Costa award this must be the first book in a long time that has taken me than a month to finish I struggled through the last few chapters having completely lost any interest in the characters or their dilemmas Straddling two worlds the protagonist is the novelist himself not merely in voice but by name Aatish a struggling writer Naipaul puts in a thinly veiled appearance as himself though he s only referred to in hushed terms as the writer complete with adoring wife and condescending remarks The female characters in particular are stereotypical the manic pixie girlfriend Sanyogita who alternates between being cloyingly possessive and independent Akaash s girlfriend who s the poor little rich girl Akaash himself a gym trainer seemingly comfortably straddling his world of sweaty gym attendees and Aatish s world of the hip and cool arty crowd in Delhi they are all tropes Just that None of them have a personality that can fit into the cap of the fountain pen that Aatish uses I don t know if he intended it to be this way and I lost interest in analysing it but Akaash as a character is often the most confusing If the intention was to give voice to the other it failed miserably Throw in the political machinations in the nation s capital the bohemian arty circles in which his girlfriend moves the sweat and blood among the lower economic classes whom he condescends to visit because of his friendship with Akaash homosexuality class struggles even a murder and the narrative loses its core completelyIn one part of the book Aatish is in London having sent his manuscript to his agent She sends it back with a note from the person who read it prior to it being accepted for publication The note reads Although Tasser can write with fluency an intelligence at times An Internment is a seriously flawed novel There are so many awkward and over elaborate sentences I d encourage Tasser to stop trying too hard and to work on developing clarity and simplicity in his style That in a nutshell is exactly my view of Aatish Taseer s novel

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The temple goers Free download È 5 Ame only maybe slightly worse Then he meets Aakash a charismatic and unpredictable young man on the make who introduces him to the sualid underside of this sprawling city Together they get drunk and work out visit temples and a prostitute and our narrator finds himself disturbingly attracted to Aakash's world But wh. It s like The Temple Goers is the uestion Taseer contemplates and answers in The Way Things Were I definitely see the growth between the two and having read the recent release first I was oddly proud of him to see where he d grown from His references the way he contextualizes things by attaching them to milestones in our recent history It s like an all nighter with an old friend In fact it IS an all nighter because I get so immersed in his books with a peer because I think Open magazine is right He is indeed the definitive voice of his generation atleast for our his class of people I d be a bit worried to know this man But to read him is delightful in a confessional validating kind of way Excellent book about all the things the other reviewers have described