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Winter Pennington Ï 6 Free read Review Ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Winter Pennington Read Witch Wolf Kassandra Lyall Preternatural Investigator #1 Finds herself needing all the help she can get A bloodthirsty werewolf is loose in the city and on a killing spree As if her plate weren't full enough a strange she wolf seeks Kassandra's aid asking her to help find her missing brother Kassandra soon learns that the strange she wolf se. I was in two minds whether to read this book I love anything to do with vampires and werewolves but the witch aspect put me off for a while I m so glad I finally read it I was engrossed from the first page to the last I m eager to read the seuel and I m rooting for Kass and Lenoree s relationship to progress

Review Ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Winter PenningtonWitch Wolf Kassandra Lyall Preternatural Investigator #1

Winter Pennington Ï 6 Free read Review Ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Winter Pennington Read Witch Wolf Kassandra Lyall Preternatural Investigator #1 Rves two masters and one of those masters has taken uite an interest in her In a world where vampires have charmed their way into modern society where werewolves walk the streets with their beasts disguised by human skin Kassandra Lyall has a secret of her own to protect She's one of th. At page 57171Has anyone ever read L K Hamilton s ABVH seriesI expect that our Winter P is a fanand this reads like a lesbo re make It s the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series without the ardeur and before the series became erotic paranormHorror As someone who LOVES LKH despite the series ups and downs I m not sure how I feel about the reference slightly offended but mildly amused I thinkCross over1 Rupert is Anita s Edward ie the friendly and unassuming sociopath bounty hunter and undercover assassin Of all the law force only he and Anitakassandra are close and know each others secret identities RupertEdward is secretive and his life a mystery but Kassandra has learned to live with it He s also the one who taught her to be bad ass and gets her dangerous gifts There s also the parallel unanswered uestion of whether the girl or guy is tougher but unlike Ed it doesn t bother Rupert so muchRupert s a little flat though conveniently travels wsleazy goth apparel in Kasandra s sizehas nothing better to do than drop everything to hunt preternatural for free when she calls and has no ualms about killing for fun even though he gave up the hit man businessAnd what s with the hair gel to go hunt in the woods The Vampire countess Lenore yes Kass repeatedly refers with said lengthy titlewho is apparently very helpful and trust worthy even though Kass just met her and found out that she s been watching and knows damn near everything about her is ABVH s female JC who like Lenore is also Kingueen of the city s preternatural population and irresistible V club owner Phew long sentenceRosalin is AVBH s drool worthy Richard Z before he became a messed up Bitch as a girl Both are powerful Werewolves working for the aforementioned Vamp andsecond to a sadistic Alpha male in LKH s version who s soon to be overthrownKassAnita live in a world similar to ours but where Were animals vamps and witches have come out and are uickly acuiring rights through congress after previously being freely hunted Neither are cops but consultants for cops who act like cops and end up taking on and solving murders like cops They have anger and trust issues and very few friends prior to the series kick off I wonder if the police will be paying Kass for her services since she s been ordered to take the case Police giving away their cases to strange PI s and allowing them to interrogate witnesses without an audience Not weird at all Neither is the fact that she went through the humanWere transition ALL on her own safe in the confines of her indestructible bathroom and all without ever losing control in public nearing or during the full moon even before she uit the forceAnd not to be outdone the friendly cop on AnitaKass side who in both scenarios swap rude and self deprecating jokesThe whole thing s less intense dark or emotional than ABVH which isn t bad and less 3D It s neither exceptionally well told nor written as the characters could use a bit building and the prose story telling I d like to see that a character is nice rather than told for instance I feel beter thinking of this book as a ABVH satire slash spoof or an intentionally gay ABVHPrediction Lenore is interested in Kass because she knows she s alpha strong and wants to position her as the new alpha By the end Kass will be surprised when she realizes that Lenore had orchestrated the whole thingBy the end of the this book Kass will have established her love interestsand either coupled up after some conflict or the book will end on the relationship conflict and the coupling up in 2s or 3sleft for the next book unless the ABVH trend is permeated here as wellI ll find out in a bit and let you knowSorry a bit too lazy to proof read at the moment

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Winter Pennington Ï 6 Free read Review Ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Winter Pennington Read Witch Wolf Kassandra Lyall Preternatural Investigator #1 Preternatural Private Investigator and Paranormal Huntress Kassandra Lyall is used to working alone Whenever there's a murder or a mystery to solve that involves the preternatural; she's the witch they call When she's called in to help the local cops work on a mysterious murder case she. If there is such a thing as classical lesbian urban fantasy then this is it Protagonist with a furry secret and a badge and attitude that allows for no nonsenseKassandra Lyall is the typical loner until that moment when she or less trips on her own feet and falls right into werewolf pack politics and fraternisation Throw in some gore and a hot as all that vampire Countess and there s nothing original about the book but neither is there anything that distracts from its entertainment value Murder mystery the preternatural and a fair amount of lesbian passionThe main character might be a little weak in the sense that she feels somewhat underdeveloped She seems defined mostly through the characters around her which doesn t make you feel any real thrill or compassion for her But the surrounding cast is interesting enough that you keep on reading throughout the fairly cold portrayal of Kassandra LyallThe world in which it all took place however felt much nuanced and immediately sucked you in with the recognisable yet allegoric political ineualities and social attitudes The explanations and development of the preternatural elements also felt surprisingly fresh A good mixture of classical mythology and originalitySo despite the fact that I never felt like I was truly let inside of the protagonist s mind there was still enough entertainment to keep me reading Not to turn the pages with a feverish frenzy but enough to allow me to finish And lets be honest there really aren t that many novels featuring lesbian werewolvesvampires so you ll read it no matter what

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  • Witch Wolf Kassandra Lyall Preternatural Investigator #1
  • Winter Pennington
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  • 24 July 2017
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