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Hafiz of Shiraz Download Ù 105 Hafez ✓ 5 Download Read & Download Hafiz of Shiraz To be the subject of veneration among literati both in Europe and the United States The time for revival of interest in a poet of such cosmopolitan appeal is overdue His poems celebrate the love wine and the fellowship of all creatures This volume first published in 1952 brings back into print at last the renderings the most beautiful and faithful in English of this greatest of Persian writers. Praise to be God Those afar who know are near and those near but without discernment are afar Hafiz

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Hafiz of Shiraz Download Ù 105 Hafez ✓ 5 Download Read & Download Hafiz of Shiraz Hafiz a uarry of imagery in which poets of all ages might mine Ralph Waldo Emerson Hafiz was born at Shiraz in Persia some time after 1320 and died there in 1389 He is then an almost exact contemporary of Chaucer His standing in Persian literature ranks him with Shakespeare and Goethe A Sufi Hafiz lived in troubled times Cities like Shiraz fell prey to the ambitions of one marauding prince afte. When the one I love takes a cup of wine in his handHis beauty creates a slump in the market of idolsCXCIXWhat good in being a solitary secret drinkerWe re all drunkards together let s leave it at thatUnravel the heart s tangles and leave the spheres aloneYou won t solve Fate s paradox by parallaxDon t be surprised at Fortune s turns and twistsThat wheel has spun a thousand yarns beforeRespect the cup you hold the clay it s made fromWas the skulls of buried kings Bahman or KobadFor who can tell where Kai or Kaus are nowOr Jamshid s throne gone on a puff of windFarhad dropped tears of blood for Shirin s lipsAnd still I see the tulip blossoming thereI think the tulip knows how Fortune cheatsSo clasps a petalled wine glass till it fadesCome let s get drunk even if it is our ruinFor sometimes under ruins one finds treasureThe breeze of Musalla the waters of RuknabadThey keep me still from wandering far from homeLike Hafiz drink your wine to the sound of harp stringsFor the heart s joy is strung on a strand of silkDXXVIIII went into the garden at dawn to gather rosesWhen suddenly I heard the voice of the nightingalePoor thing he was stricken in anguish for the love of the roseAnd sprinkled the meadows round with his sobs as he lookedfor helpLost then in thought slowly I paced in the gardenConsidering this affair of the rose and the nightingaleThe rose is become the image of Beauty and the nightingaleof LoveThe one will grant no favours yet the other still remains constantWhen the voice of the nightingale prevailed upon my heartit seemed I had no power of endurance leftFor many roses have blossomed here in this gardenBut no one has plucked the rose without the stab of a thornHafiz expect no relief from the turning heavens That wheel has a thousand flaws and grants no favours

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Hafiz of Shiraz Download Ù 105 Hafez ✓ 5 Download Read & Download Hafiz of Shiraz R another and knew little peace The nomads of Central Asia finally overthrew the rule of these princes and led to the establishment of the succeeding Timurid Dynasty It is of utmost literary interest that a poet who has remained immensely popular and most freuently uoted in his own land should for the universality and grace of his wisdom and wit be known outside the land of his birth as he used. I m interested in knowing about Iran and this is their beloved poet But as usual poetry is not my forte I did like some of the imagery and perhaps that is the most important aspect Apparently Goethe was a huge fan of Hafiz in honor of whom he wrote West stlicher Divan a collection of poems addressing the engagement of GermanMiddle Eastern LatinPersian and ChristianMuslim In some introductory material to that collection Goethe wrote this which I used as an epigraph to my book Wittgenstein in ExileWho would the poem understandMust go into the poem s landWho would the poet understandMust go into the poet s lands

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