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Blood Money Alpha Force #7 characters Ì 7 Rce are determined to stop the illegal thefts – but it means tracking down some very ruthless people indeed to get the evidence needed to stop th. not a bad book it is only different from other thriller books I read as it said in the book it is a street servailence style the impressive thing is that the author was himself an ex SAS agent

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Blood Money Alpha Force #7 characters Ì 7 Human rights – the deliberate theft of human organs for transplant surgery Organs like a child’s eyes so that the corneas can be used Alpha Fo. Target Body Snatchers Alpha Force are a crack team dedicated to fighting injustice around the globe While in southern India they learn of the growing trade in organ transplants from living donors With lives on the line and big money to be made the demand for organs is urgent and there are people prepared to go to extreme lengths to get them When a young girl is snatched Alpha Force must use all their surveillance skills to locate her before the surgeons get to work

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Blood Money Alpha Force #7 characters Ì 7 The seventh title in this exciting series from ex SAS hero Chris RyanWhen Amber Li Paulo Hex and Alex visit India they discover a terrible abuse of. I personally think this is Chris Ryan s best piece of work regarding the Alpha series Set in India it deals with loads of issues not only the one everything seems to be about Of course uite a high percentage covers the problem of organ trading but it s also about ineuality differences between untouchables and rich people people living in the city or on the outskirts education corruption and natural hardships Having lived in Sri Lanka for a few months I recognised many of these aspects as I got to meet them face to face everyday So for me this book wasn t only about a bunch of kids having an adventurous trip or something It went beyond that It took me back to the time I spend there and got me thinking again about all that injustice and all these problems and I think that s what really mattered at the end That you take something anything from any book and not just read it and put it aside