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Perfect Chance Read & Download Ì 100 Read & Download Perfect Chance Excitement and she was tempted oh so temptedUntil Chance offered the most tempting challenge of allHe asked Mary to marry h. This was probably like 35 stars This story flowed differently from most HPs the characters said I love you far earlier in the novel than they usually do Then a cloud of an eventual conflict kind of sat over the novel because you knew they couldn t just spend the entire last 12 of the book saying I love you over and over they did say it A LOT it was a little jarring But the final conflict seemed pretty lame to me the heroine having a silly freakout over the hero s business trip to Washington DC on some baseless theory that he d be in danger there and the hero having a giant pout and refusing to speak with her before he left Of course they made up but I wasn t sure I was thrilled with the sacrifices they were each making so overall I didn t think the ending was great Definitely a readable story and different from the norm but just not entirely satisfying

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Perfect Chance Read & Download Ì 100 Read & Download Perfect Chance Take a chance on loveMary Newman her life was safe predictable and reasonably happy Until the day he walked inChance Armstro. The heroine is an idjeet who drifted into a medical career because she thought it would please her grandfather who never ever exerted any pressure on her all he ever wanted was for her to be happy Who the hell just drifts into becoming an ER doctor IdjeetThen she dates a slimy social climbing OM doctor who obviously only wants her for social connections and it is implied he cheats on her left and right with her being totally blind to his callousness Two years IdjeetShe meets the big tallmanly Alpha H and it insta love He uses his sexy redheaded half sister to make heroine jealous eeeeeewwwwww wtf does that Except for Jamie and Cersei So naturally she falls in love with him As you do When you re an idjeetWithin one weekshe has dumped the OM uit her job declared her ILY gave up her V card and got herself engaged to this total stranger Then she is shocked SHOCKED when the morning after he turns into a Jekyll and Hyde who pumps and dumps her and is the coldest cruellest rude pig to her What did she expect Idjeet By the end of the dayhero has had a change of heart and decided to settle down with the idiotic mouse after all It is insta forgiveness and a huge grovelfrom the heroine to the hero for making too many demands on himIdjeet

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Perfect Chance Read & Download Ì 100 Read & Download Perfect Chance Ng he had no respect for rules and regulations and cozy life styles But he was offering Mary the perfect chance for a lot of. One of things that attracted me about ths book was the fact that I could put myself in the heroine s place which meant that the whole story had a very personable feel to it It moved uite naturally although the hitch came a little too late was too hurried and was over before you knew itIt still was uite humorous in places The story felt like a real life encounter of a couple which I likeStill just for the sheer sexiness of the hero for some reason he s real than the other harleuin heroes and sexier wins me overI d read it again

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