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密やかな結晶 characters » 0 Comme celui de l’émotion ue provouaient en elle la beauté d’une fleur la délicatesse d’un parfum la mort d’un être cher Après les animaux les roses les photographies les calendriers et les livres les humains semblent touchés une partie de leur corps va les abandonnerEn ces lieux demeurent pourtant de singuliers personnages Habités de souvenirs en proie à la I still think that the premise of this book is really thought provoking as an extension and perhaps even conclusion to Orwell s 1984 but the plot didn t pull it together for me I left with a lot of uestions and frustrations continually asking why or how We had a great discussion about it on the podcast though

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密やかな結晶 characters » 0 L’île où se déroule cette histoire est depuis toujours soumise à un étrange phénomène les choses et les êtres semblent promis à une sorte d’effacement diaboliuement orchestré uand un matin les oiseaux disparaissent à jamais la jeune narratrice de ce livre ne s’épanche pas sur cet événement dramatiue le souvenir du chant d’un oiseau s’est évanoui tout The Memory Police is a hypnotic gentle novel that begins as a surveillance state dystopia and ends as something existential a surreal and haunting meditation on our sense of self First published in Japan 25 years ago and newly available in English translation this novel has a timeless feel The inhabitants of an unnamed island living under an oppressive regime experience a form of collective gradual amnesia Upon waking a seemingly random item roses birds boats will begin to fade from their minds They must ensure the item s complete erasure by purging all evidence of its existence from the world The Memory Police are there to crush any feeble resistance but most people drift along with passive complaisance What s the point in clinging to something you can t rememberA small number of people are immune to the phenomenon They who alone are cursed with complete memories of all that has been lost pose a threat to the regime and must conceal their outsider status at all costsThe plot such as it is concerns a woman s efforts to hide one of these individuals in a purpose built annex under her floorboards in a manner reminiscent of The Diary of Anne Frank Although it s never referred to as such the room is an oubliette a secret chamber that can only be accessed via a trapdoor in its ceiling the name comes from the French oublier to forget Meanwhile the forgettings accelerate becoming and extreme This is a uiet serene personal sort of apocalypse where attempts at resistance are small and which culminates in the very destruction of the self I also recently read Revenge by the same author and a uote from that book applies perfectly to this oneThe prose was unremarkable as were the plot and characters but there was an icy current running under her words and I found myself wanting to plunge into it again and againWith its powerful resonant allegory and that icy current this is a memorable read 4 stars

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密やかな結晶 characters » 0 Nostalgie ces êtres sont en danger Traués par les chasseurs de mémoires ils font l’objet de rafles terrifiantesUn magnifiue roman angoissant kafkaïen Une subtile métaphore des régimes totalitaires à travers lauelle Yoko Ogawa explore les ravages de la peur et ceux de l’insidieux phénomène d’effacement des images des souvenirs ui peut conduire à accepter le pi This book cannot be rated because it surpasses that structure of confinement that a star rating can give I picked this book up from my library after seeing it in BN and reading the blurb a haunting Orwellian novel about the terrors of state surveillance I was hooked from the beginning It takes a lot for me to almost finish a book in one sitting but this story was so haunting and compelling like a sleepy nightmare unfolding before you while you are unable to look away Told in a way that relies heavily on the main character s internal dialogue this story follows an unnamed island full of obscure characters whose names don t matter because it s their existence and being that sticks with you the most The lack of definitive details about the characters and the island itself similar to 1984 is so striking and cryptic that I was drawn forward to read because from the moment you begin this novel you know it won t end well and yet I read onI m a sucker for a good uiet drama that doesn t offer definitive answers to the uestions I had swirling in my mind I loved how murky and foreboding this entire story was I loved how we were thrust into the middle of a world already controlled by a higher being who never makes an appearance but looms over the entire narrative I loved how each character s history and existence itself was obscure in a way that didn t make this story feel as though it were lacking in substance While this story may seem murky it alludes to how easily we as a society are so uick to forget and toss aside memories and pieces of history to adjust to our current situations without uestioning how easily we can let memories of the past float away from our minds I could write a thesis about how moving and stunning this story was but I ll leave it at that This will be on my mind for years I won t let it escape my memory

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