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Evelyn Juers Ë 6 CHARACTERS READ ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Evelyn Juers CHARACTERS House of Exile í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB In great despair Los Angeles There Nelly committed suicide in 1944 and Heinrich dies in 1950 Prior to their death they formed a uniue cliue of friends in exile Haven t received my copy yet just received notice I had won 41612Receive my copy last night and can t wait to get started I will have to wait a little bit I have 8 others plus my current read in front 5212Started last night 6712Finally finished 61912Blurb from GoodReads In 1933 the author and political activist Heinrich Mann and his partner Nelly Kroeger fled Nazi Germany finding refuge first in the south of France and later in great despair in Los Angeles where Nelly committed suicide in 1944 and Heinrich died in 1950 Born into a wealthy middle class family in L beck Heinrich was one of the leading representatives of Weimar culture Nelly was twenty seven years younger the adopted daughter of a fisherman and a hostess in a Berlin bar As far as Heinrich s family was concerned she was from the wrong side of the tracks So I signed up for this book because I used to devour anything holocaustWorld War IINazi related and this sounded right up that alley Boy was this a difficult read This book is a meshup of a lot of diaries and letters between LOTS of people regarding everyday things during a time period that actually happened to be during the years leading up to and including WWII I would say only about 10% of it actually had much to do with the war and politics of the time period And even though their names are in the title only about 20% of it was about Heinrich and Nelly Maybe it was because I despised him so much but it seemed like there was about Heinrich s brother Thomas than him and Nelly in this book While there were small threads of thought that linked some of the 1 million other people mentioned to the Mann s there were some that really were mentioned that had no connection at all It was a difficult book for me to read because there were too many people mentioned not enough detail on any of them and it read like finding a huge box of old letters from hundreds of people that may or may not have known each other and may or may not have included interesting news Oh and there is a lot of suicide which I really get that actually happened a lot in that time period but the thing I kept thinking was of course they were reading Anna Karenina That would always push someone over the edge

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Evelyn Juers Ë 6 CHARACTERS READ ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Evelyn Juers CHARACTERS House of Exile í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Crossing paths with the likes of Joyce Brecht Kafka Schwitters and Woolf House of Exile is a uniue work pioneering a new literary form the collective biograph An unusual biography as it follows the lives of two literary brothers Heinrich and Thomas Mann The former I have never heard of But many years ago I can remember ploughing through a copy of Thomas s Magic Mountain There are a number of subsidiary characters including Virginia Woolf and Lion Feuchtwangler That name meant something as I can remember that as an adolescent a translation of his Jue Suss sat on the shelves of my local library I did wonder what it was all about but never borrowed it to find out Nor did anyone else it seemed as I recollect it stood for many years unmoving There are many other characters as the book deals in the main with the response by the Mann brothers and many of their friends to the rise of Hitler and Nazism Heinrich lived in France until about 1940 while Thomas was in the USA and was eventually granted citizenship Heinrich and others crossed the Pyrenees on foot when Vichy France started handing over wanted individuals to the Gestapo By that time Heinrich was in his 60s and the crossing was an ordeal in itself Eventually he escaped to the USA together with his much younger wife Nelly Kroeger Things were not easy in the USA for emigres from fascism Heinrich was under constant surveillance by the FBI because of his left wing views The book is a fascinating view on the lives of those escaping Hitler much of which I was unaware of There are distressing passages when we read that one friend and another had been killed in concentration camps Much of the book reads like a diary with short sometimes unconnected sentences and hopping from character to character Sometimes it is difficult for a non German speaker to remember all the names but do not let that put you off

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Evelyn Juers Ë 6 CHARACTERS READ ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Evelyn Juers CHARACTERS House of Exile í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB In 1933 the prominent author and political activist Heinrich Mann and his partner Nelly Kroeger were forced to flee Germany finding refuge in France and later This is an interesting and mainly well written biography of Heinrich Mann Thomas Mann s brother and his wife Nelly Kroeger Mann It is primarily about their years of exile as Heinrich was outspoken about Hitler and they were forced to leave Germany in 1933 going first to France and then eventually to Los Angeles Unfortunately Nelly was by this time uite unstable and often drunk and eventually committed suicide in 1944 with Heinrich dying of natural causes a few years laterAs you can probably imagine Thomas Mann features heavily in the book especially with regard to the competitive feelings he had towards his brother as he always felt that he was a better writer than Heinrich Thomas is certainly famous among English speaking readers and most of Heinrich s books were never translated into EnglishI only really had two problems with the book The first being that for most of the book Virginia Woolf is mentioned on almost every page with diary entries and musings etc until she finally and famously commits suicide And as far as I can see there was no connection between her and the Manns at all so what her purpose in the book was I have no idea except that both she and Nelly committed suicideThe other problem was that for a fairly lengthy section of the book it is written almost as a diary with very short staccato like sentences some being only a couple of wordsBut all in all it was a fine book and is recommended for anybody who likes literary biographies as I do They are really the only kind of biography that I read

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