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Tera Lynn Childs ç 7 characters characters Forgive My Fins 107 Rforms a separation ritual within days Her cousin Dosinia has her own plans to advance herself in the royal dynasty. Pre review before I finish the book I know I m at least 12 years older than the targeted audience but stillI can and will appreciate good teenagers dramas However The stupidity and immaturity of the Main Character really is not endearing I kept rolling my eyes at a lot of things said MC had said and doneI d been 17 years old once and I don t think teenagers at this age are that bad thoughts after I d finished readingThis time I can t even say Oh what a great big disappointment because I d expected this book to be sucky even before I turned the first page Why Because I d already read Tera Lynn Childs YA paranormal novels which are based on the Medusa myths and the two books I ve managed to read aren t doing great neitherSee my short reviews for both Medusa myths retelling books here time instead of Medusa and Greek myths we have mermaid myth and a Little Mermaid retelling style of teenage school dramaromance drama not my favorite genres but I was still willing to give it a shot The good things about Forgive My Fins are that 1 it s a uick and easy read 2 the tone is humorous and 3 some of the romantic plots are in fact interestingly written However there are many flaws in the story s characters plots and setting those flaws just kept me rolling my eyes in disbelief1 According to the author there s a kingdom of merfolks somewhere near the American coastline and somehow the citizens of this ancient magical kingdom under the sea happen to be able to all speak ENGLISH sighs2 Lily the female Main Character is hopelessly stupid boy crazed and immature which might have been acceptable if she s only an ordinary teenager You see I don t expect every single teenager to be smart and mature butgroans Goodness I d once been a teenager but I don t remember being that clueless and stupid like LilyFurther the real problem issomehow our main character Lily is supposed to be the heir of the kingdom of merfolks and is expected to rule the kingdom as ueen in the future 3 the love triangle I don t even want to go into the details all I can say is that someone should have told Lily how silly it is to think you are going to spend the rest of your life with the first guy you had a crush on when you re 17 years old4 According to the author there s a supposed rule about mermaidsmermen can only bond with one soul mate However view spoilerturns out the merfolks can break off the bond with their King s permission yada yada hide spoiler

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Tera Lynn Childs ç 7 characters characters Forgive My Fins 107 Princess Lily of Thessalania is a mermaid with an unreuited crush on swim star Brody Bennett at Seaview High School. I haven t read a mermaid story in so long I almost forgot they existedI went into this one expecting to be buried under an avalanche of cuteness and that s exactly what happened I m going to tell you right off the bat that it s childish and the main character immature as well as single focused on getting the boy she wants so do not pick it up if you wish for great depth and a complex worldBut do pick it up if you ve missed mermaids too and are often entertained by teenage girls who make poor decisions in the department of love Even the author is single minded Hello there are other characters in the story and yet they serve little to no purpose unless it s to supporttorment Lily They do not stand on their ownFortunately Lily grows on you and I have to say I wasn t at all bothered by her love interest Well the second one Yes he acts like an alpha male sometimes and a jerk but I saw the good in him and how can one not acknowledge his steaminess and undying love for LilyI can t give this book despite its fun content because I don t feel as though it s a worthy addition to the collection of mermaid stories out there seeing that it is predictable and under developed but I did find some of its elements uniue such as the idea of bonding through kisses and challenges linked to counselling reuired for a merperson to break a bondThat epilogue also got me really curious about the seuel Nicely played Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

Free download â eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ç Tera Lynn Childs

Tera Lynn Childs ç 7 characters characters Forgive My Fins 107 Her neighbor is obnoxious biker uince Fletcher whose accidental kiss bonds them as mates unless her king father pe. This one wasn t for me It was somehow too pink girly fluffy and cute The story itself was very predictable which only made me want to shake the heroine and make her see what was going on already Her absolute cluelessness really annoyed me And seriously how can you be in love and I m referring to the I love you so much I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you kind of love here with someone you rarely talk to and don t really know that well I mean having a crush okay but dreaming of marriage and wanting to tell that person your biggest secret Ahm noConcerning the love story concept it is pretty common in YA literature but I ve seen it done better in other contemporary novels Something Maybe by Elizabeth Scott comes to my mind for exampleThe underwater world had a very disney like feel to it and although I don t mind watching the occasional disney movie it s not really what I m looking for in a bookThis was my first real mermaid book and it certainly won t be my last but I m sure that there are better ones out there

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