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Marcia Willett Ñ 5 Download Download ↠ The Children's Hour é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ch die Ankunft eines Fremden erst vollkommen aber auch sehr zerbrechlich wird Mit unvergesslichen Charakteren erzählt Marcia Wil. Before I begin I should point out that I have read the 2007 German paperback edition of Willett s The Children s Hour titled Das Spiel der Wellen The book turned up in my kitchen after it was cleared out by one of my neighbours He left it with me since I am the only German speaker in the neighbourhoodI was not overly keen to start reading The Children s Hour and so the book lingered together with the other titles he dropped off that day on my kitchen shelf I picked it up six months ago finished other books in between and eventually completed it last Thursday The time it s taken me to get through this novel 333 pages suggests that this was a less than gripping readThe story takes place in the British countryside in the late 1990s early 2000s but covers a period of roughly 65 years from the late 1930s onwards At the centre of the novel are sisters Mina and Nest who share the family home in Ottercombe A visit by their older sister Georgia who suffers from dementia not only prompts Mina and Nest to reminisce about the past but also to confront deeply buried family secrets and to deal with a host of issues affecting them and their niece LyddieConsidering the overall length of the book the vast number of characters and the time span covered Willett attempts to cram an awful lot into a rather tight space The characters and issues she explores dementia disability infidelity and adoption remain by and large on the surface As a result of the constant flashbacks the story lacks an overarching plot line which would have provided Willett s narrative with a sense of direction The incorporation of surprising twists and turns right at the end felt like other parts of the book contrived rushed and engineeredWillett is often compared to author Rosamunde Pilcher Never having read anything by Pilcher The Children s Hour nevertheless reminded me of the ubiuotous Pilcher TV adaptations on German TV Set against the backdrop of picturesue English countryside and populated with bland characters Willett s book appears to be as formulaic as the Pilcher adaptations My copy will be handed in at the nearest charity shop One to be missed

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Marcia Willett Ñ 5 Download Download ↠ The Children's Hour é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Lett von den Geheimnissen der Kindheit und den Tragödien des Lebens und entführt ihre Leser mitten in den Kontinent des Herzens. I almost decided that I wasn t going to finish this book but since I was almost half way into it I decided to finish it An amazing thing happened as I got deeper into it I grew attached to each of the characters and their lives I love that there were dogs in it and that they were mentioned uite often I also love the English setting as I lived in England for 10 years When it ended I was sad to lose touch with the characters Devoted to Drew years When it ended I was sad to lose touch with the characters

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Marcia Willett Ñ 5 Download Download ↠ The Children's Hour é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Für die junge Lydia und ihre Kinder ist Ottercombe House an der Südküste Englands eine Insel des Glücks Eines Glücks das dur. 35I picked up this book because it sounded like it was about an idyllic childhood It was It takes place in England in the 1930s and there are five children in a big old house near the sea Their mother enchants all of them when she reads to them It was a lovely picture so far removed from our world at the momentIt was enchanting but the tale became so much Two of the children are now elderly ladies still living in the same house They feel threatened when their older sister who is in the early stages of dementia comes to stay They fear she may reveal their secretsAnd there are a lot of secrets which are eventually revealed and the sisters won me overEven an idyllic childhood in an idyllic setting is not free from outside forcesI think every family should have an enchanting children s hour

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