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The Lost Revolution characters ✓ 107 Perating at the highest levels of Irish public life passed though the ranks of this secretive movement which never achieved its objectives but had a lasting influence on the landscape of Irish politi. Absolutely fascinating read that describes an Ireland that is almost totally unrecognisable now one where a republican group associated with the IRA well one of the IRAs could become a staunchly marxist anti republican even anti nationalist movement filled with some of the most senior personnel in today s Ireland The authors describe a genuine belief in all the activists that Ireland could and would be transformed into a socialist workers republic in the image of the USSR The book focused far on the early days of the movement in the 1960 s and 70 s and especially north of the border most of which was very new to me and very interesting The genesis of the mental and cultural division between north and south that is now cemented by the legacy of the troubles is all laid out and even interestingly the reader can see a time when it didn t exist before 1969The end of the book feels a little rushed with a strong majority of the now influential personnel splitting to form Democratic Left and then eventually merge into Labour which in the context of the early part of the books seems totally impossible but then the process itself was rearkably short It seems that as soon as the Berlin wall fell social democrats throughout the party had all their secret doubts exonerated and ready to be printed as new manifestoes The book was fascinating as an investigation of the infighting and numerical insignificance of the Irish left but also as a demonstration of how their ideas can become mainstream by attracting the attention and in some cases supplanting media elites and opinion formers The party failed but many of their seemingly oddest and most idiosyncratic ideas won out in the end on the north at least if not in the political economy of IrelandOne strange thing I noticed in the notes was that the authors seemingly had not talked to Eamon Gil Pat Rabitte or Liz McManus three people very important by the end of the book who s point of view was notable in its absenceAll in all a great gossipy compulsive and well researched read

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The Lost Revolution characters ✓ 107 The story of contemporary Ireland is inseparable from the story of the official republican movement a story told here for the first time from the clash between Catholic nationalist and socialist repu. I love all history on the IRA and revolutionary struggle in Ireland against British Imperialism However this book could and should have been shorter The author and editors seem to have no clue how to present information in a conciseclear manner It honestly reads like a college student trying desperately to make their essay long enough

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The Lost Revolution characters ✓ 107 Blicanism in the 1960s and '70s through the Workers' Party's eventual rejection of irredentism A roll call of influential personalities in the fields of politics trade unionism and media many still o. As far as I can tell thorough and balanced

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