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Scott Campbell Ð 6 review review Touched By Scott Campbell ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Robbie Young is an ordinary twelve year old boy about to drop a bombshell that will devastate his small town family One day he rides his bike home after school finds his mother in the kitchen making dinner and speaks aloud the secret he's been keeping for a year Jer A boy comes home one night and tells his mother the neighbor has been molesting himThat starts an incredibly open and deep examination of how the thing happened It is told from 4 separate points of view The boy as an adult his mother the molester and the molester s wife Uniue Fascinating

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Touched By Scott  Campbell

Scott Campbell Ð 6 review review Touched By Scott Campbell ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ry Houseman's been touching me Robbie has been molested and the Young family will never be the same From that moment on the novel unfolds with inexorable power The story is narrated in four parts first by Robbie's mother then by Jerry Houseman himself then by Housem Whilst the novel makes it clear that Rob has been damaged by Jerry it does allow that all of the adult characters including by his own account the victim are flawed and imperfect people The portrayal of these adults is the most interesting aspect of the narrative because Campbell is interested in how our natures shape our perceptions of morality and this novel is about perceptionObviously Jerry initiates sexual contact with a child knowing this and is punished for it I found it disturbing that he seemed to have drawn a line under his experience in the Philippines where buying Ernesto was just business as though this was not as serious as what he did at home However we all also tend to minimise our culpability in a past action when we are resolved to try not to repeat it in the future and Jerry does try to change his behaviour because he is aware that it is wrong I think that within the moral universe of this novel this is an important factorBy contrast the boy s parents are also culpable though less blameworthy For example Linda s dissatisfaction with her introverted husband is an understandable factor leading to her affair which takes her focus away from her family but isn t it also cheating and betrayal Similarly her husband s introversion and lack of interaction is also understandable some people are simply uiet and introverted but it is a failing Jerry is able to insinuate himself into Robbie s life whilst his parents attention is elsewhere The adult Rob certainly has this interpretation of the events when he faces his feelings about them at last To him their unawareness allows them to cast all of the blame onto Jerry and desire his punishment and to resent that imposed on them by their guilt and public humiliation They seek public vindication in the courts but they see their son as damaged even after they receive itRobbie at least feels that Jerry taking all of the blame is unjust but he cannot say so without being disloyal to his parents and his community He is adrift from community standards in not simply wanting to see the proscribed guilty party punished and be done with it He knows that a part of himself enjoyed the attention and even the sex The evil of all of it is that that because knowingness preceded adulthood he remains a child incapable of taking responsibilities finishing school maintaining a relationship etc He is terribly damaged and wronged by those who were adults at the time that he suffered the abuseI have not mentioned the other adult Mrs Houseman but I see that some reviewers revile her the most It is certainly hard to comprehend what motivates her and why she is so loyal to a man she is appalled by When Robbie gets the news from her that Jerry has died in prison his reaction is to want to kill her This is terribly ironic given that he condemns his mother for having wanted justice Mrs Houseman is constructed as the least selfish of the novel s characters and the adult who suffers the most because of this I thought that it was interesting that she had a religious side and though she obviously was not a Pharisee about church attendance and practice she tried very hard to follow her religious principles encourage the best in people hope that they will have integrity trust them when they ask for your help etc when it came to moral judgements You might argue that she enables him to be a monster but if so she pays dearly for it and she never betrays him even though he does her On balance I believe that she is punished disproportionately to her guilt for her loyalty to a man that most of us would have condemned and not attempted to understandIn all then a novel that condemns the wickedness of pedophilia and chronicles its destructive conseuences but also a novel that implies that our outrage and desire to vilify others may arise from our own selfishness that attempts to support others in their struggles may be futile and that trust is not always rewarded Not a very cheerful take on humanity but not a simplistic treatment of sexual abuse either

review Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ð Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell Ð 6 review review Touched By Scott Campbell ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB An's wife Linda and concluded by Robbie himself fifteen years later when he has returned to town for a high school reunion Each voice is remarkably persuasive and utterly convincing and the result is a novel that is impossible to put down as it is impossible to forg I broke plans to keep reading this book I rarely find a story I can t put down but this one pulled me inI enjoy stories on the darker side of the human condition the things so seldom shown in the studio movies Bad book reviews about deplorable characters and terrible events are often the reason I select a book I am the reader that enjoys the opportunity to sympathize with the antagonists When a writer can make that easy I m hooked Give me characters who make regrettable decisions tell me how they feel and how they manage their poor decisions in life This is the depth of character I seek in novelsThe style of writing was also really appealing This writer does a lot of directing for lack of a better term I could see the characters movements in my mind It played like a film a film I d love to watch The structure of this novel is something I haven t encountered before though I admit I m not the most well read person and I loved it I appreciated the movement of the story in this unusual structure He created a fantastic tumbling pace throughout His segues between past and present in the characters thoughts were wonderfulI think my only criticism is that all of the characters sounded the same but the way their stories played out made it easy to get involved I didn t feel bored by their similar language

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