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  • Paperback
  • 251
  • Cowboy Comes Back
  • Jeannie Watt
  • English
  • 21 March 2018
  • 9780373715763

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SUMMARY ☆ DDTUST-UDA.RU ´ Jeannie Watt READ Ù Cowboy Comes Back Jeannie Watt ´ 1 READ Sell it so he can afford to spend time with his daughter Move back then move on uickly Unfortunately after ten long years he can't avoid Libby HaleKade has loved Libby all his. Basic plot Hh are childhood sweethearts h goes off to college their relationship is strained and H has a one night stand ONS girl gets preggo H dumps h and marries other girl Cut to 10 years later H is back in town jobless pennilessdivorced and living in a horse trailer Unlike other reviewers I really didn t have a problem with the H cheating view spoiler When you ask someone to marry you and they say I don t know I need time That s a serious emotional blow I thought the H saying it felt like the h was pulling away was believable especially since the h was emotionally distant the whole book hide spoiler

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Cowboy Comes Back

SUMMARY ☆ DDTUST-UDA.RU ´ Jeannie Watt READ Ù Cowboy Comes Back Jeannie Watt ´ 1 READ Life and he'd give his championship titles never to have hurt her But he did And convincing her to forgive him is the hardest challenge he's ever faced in or out of the arena. After his career and finances torpedo and his abusive father dies a former rodeo star comes back to his hometown to face his past his father s property his daughter the horse he released to the wild and the woman he s always loved who is now a wild horse conservationist This one was another really good one if you like horsey contemporary western romance that also involves worklife conflict and I apparently do


SUMMARY ☆ DDTUST-UDA.RU ´ Jeannie Watt READ Ù Cowboy Comes Back Jeannie Watt ´ 1 READ Now that his rodeo career is over Kade Danning has nowhere else to crawl but back home He wishes he could just keep his head down fix up his father's abandoned ranch and then. This book is built around a very difficult topic that seems to be rearing it s head and in romance novels Cheating Unlike the current trope in NA books where the cheating happens in the present or very recent past this story takes place 10 years after Kade our hero is upset that Libby his girlfriend doesn t want to get married She s in college and isn t ready So hero is angry and sleeps with somebody else which results in a pregnancy He does the right thing and marries the woman Libby needless to say isn t thrilled with him even all these years later He comes back to town a divorced mess which is where my two stars come in I like this much better than the jerk who comes back a billionaire while the little betrayed woman is struggling YUK Here Libby has made a life for herself and is no pining woman never letting a man in her bed again Granted she never married She is dating the local Vet whom I liked a lot better than Kade Kade s excuse for cheating is very lame He felt her pulling away and was insecure She said she needed a little space NOT that they were broken up He was pushing her for marriage You do not then go out and sleep with somebody else even if you re young I don t buy this oh so and so was young and made a mistake I personally think there are code of ethics that transcend age Yes Be angry Then break up Tell that person fine then I m going to see other people That might be immature but at least it is honest Had he left her in a huff and then gotten somebody else pregnant that s one thing His anger at Libby and his ex wife s easy dismissal that Libby can t forgive is rich Uh Right How would the two of you feel I know people are able to put the pieces back together when a partner cheats but things broken like that are never the same How can you trust that person not to do this again if things get a little rough at home and he s not happy Then there is the constant reminder in the shape of his child It isn t the child s fault but like it or not it ll forever tie everyone involved to the past I didn t believe in this relationship but I also can not stand cheating stories Those able to forgive and forget as they say might enjoy it than I did