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  • 24 October 2018
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Broken Soup Free read è 9 S after her little sister single handedly which doesn't leave much time for friends or fun So when she finds out that Bee from school saw the whole thing it piues her curiosity Who was the boy Why was he so insistent that the negative belonged to Rowan. I couldn t read it past chapter 3 didnt like the writing

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Broken Soup Free read è 9 An intriguing compelling and moving new novel from the award winning author of Finding Violet Park When the good looking boy with the American accent presses the dropped negative into Rowan's hand she's sure it's all a big mistake But next moment he's. I ve had this book on my desk for about 2 weeks and kept passing it over and now I am mentally kicking myself I cannot put into words how great this book was I LOVED it This is only Jenny Valentine s second novel and have my fingers crossed that there are many to come Broken Soup was heart wrenching and tear inducing It was funny and witty It was filled with twists and turns yet perfectly predictable It was real Rowan is an amazing character I thought she would seem young to me since she is only supposed to be 15 but she is very mature in part because of her home life but also just personality wise Her little sister Stroma is hilarious and a ray of light in the darkness of Rowan s current life And Harper ah Harper is absolutely marvelous I m pretty sure I have to add Harper to my list of favorite love interests now He was perfectly written and a perfect complement to RowanI love Jenny Valentine s writing style her voice her characterization I think that is a major reason as to why this book is so great Valentine is simply a wonderful writer That paired with an amazing plot line makes this one of my new favorite booksI m definitely going to look for Valentine s first novel Me The Missing and The Dead and keep an eye out future novels I highly recommend Broken Soup HIGHLY

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Broken Soup Free read è 9 Gone lost in the crowd of bustling shoppers And she can't afford to lose her place in the checkout ueue after all if she doesn't take the groceries home nobody else will Rowan has responsibilities than most girls her age These days she pretty much look. This was such a touching novel It was beautifully written and very emotional The subject matter was very sensitive It is full of grief and sadness and happiness and just pure inspirationRowan was a great protagonist Her strength made her so appealing She wasn t perfect lets face it who is She was real and strong and had so much love in her heart Stroma was the most gorgeous little girl She played such a central role to the plot She was so innocent yet mature at the same time Harper was great I found him uite inspirational Some of the things he said really got me thinking nodding along with him He was definitely a bit of a saving graceThe story that unfolds isn t a typical boy meets girl teenage romance it s so much It s a story about love and life serendipity and it is truly worth the read