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  • 19 October 2019
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REVIEW æ How Green Was My Valley Ey Drawn simply and lovingly with a crisp Welsh humor Llewellyn's characters fight love laugh and cry creating an indelible portrait of a peop Although as an older and critical reader I do somewhat understand those reviewers who have found Richard Llewellyn s How Green Was My Valley perhaps not uite nitty gritty and harshly descriptive enough with regard to showing and presenting what life used to be like in the mining towns of Wales personally I still have to admit that rereading How Green Was My Valley for the first time since I totally devoured this novel when we read it for school in 1982 has been in every way as much of a pleasure now as it had been then For while Richard Llewellyn might have penned his words with not as much fire and brimstone like immediacy and often visceral pain as many contemporary writers of working class fiction tend to do and especially those authors who feature and depict the often dangerous working and livi

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REVIEW æ How Green Was My Valley E home forever he reminisces about the golden days of his youth when South Wales still prospered when coal dust had not yet blackened the vall An enjoyable story with lovely characters I didn t want it to endA big thank you to my Goodread friends Marilyn and Tracey for the push to read such a delightful warm hearted book

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REVIEW æ How Green Was My Valley How Green Was My Valley is Richard Llewellyn's bestselling and timeless classic and the basis of a beloved film As Huw Morgan is about to leav This will be a review that I will no doubt edit and add to a lotThis is easily my most favorite and special book It s something so beautiful that my heart aches to dwell on it It aches because I long to be apart of something so perfect and wish for such beauty in everything I experience I feel I belong in that small Welsh mining town that I should be spending all of my time supporting my family and town singing with friends learning voraciously worshiping God intelligently and recognizing Him in every aspect of life fiercely defending my friends loving foolishly and uncontrollably revering nature and losing myself in valleys groves creeks and hill sides or fighting and fighting and fighting with passionate words and uick fists for people places and ideas that need me So it s 2 years later and I haven