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Don't Tell Anyone Free read ↠ 0 review Don't Tell Anyone Trying to save some feral cats living in a field about to be bulldozed Megan receives an offer of help from an odd man Feeling his offer isn't uite right; Megan then witnesse. This book was a thriller It is fully of suspense and mystery The main character Megan loves animals and everyday goes to feed ferrel cats in an open field One day she sees a hit and run the next day she finds a note by the cats that says if you want the cats to live don t tell anyone Megan continues to pursue the mystery and make sure the cats will not get hurt This leads to the man kidnapping her and she fights to save her life and outsmart the abductor I would not use this in my classroom due to how scary I thought it was I would want it in my classroom library but would have a parent permission slip for the child to read it I know as a elementary school student this book would give me nightmares as it scared me as a 22 year old

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Don't Tell Anyone

Don't Tell Anyone Free read ↠ 0 review Don't Tell Anyone S a car accident and receives disturbing notes Not knowing who to trust Megan relies on her wits to save the cats and herself“Each part of the tale ties neatly together in. I think this book was a great book It was very adventurous I liked that she was very into animals and cats I rated it a 4 star because it was kind of a childish book I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventures or actions books This book was full of suspense for the entire time I love all of Peg Keherts books she is a great author It got sad at times when Shane tried to burn her in the Hot Air Balloon She ended up living In the end it was a great book Even though Megan almost died She survived

review Ø PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ñ Peg Kehret

Don't Tell Anyone Free read ↠ 0 review Don't Tell Anyone This exciting book that children won't want to put down” School Library Journal“An absorbing and suspenseful novel with a strong female main character” Kirkus Revie. I gave this book three stars because its a good realistic fiction book This book has alittle bit of mystery too I like the characters because she doesnt want to give up I recommend this book to people who like realistic fiction and mystery I think they could of made the book better by her finding the cats and taking them home and to ask her mom if she could take the cats to the humane society right away

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  • 23 October 2018
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