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Twisted Tales from Shakespeare

Richard Armour ✓ 2 Review Twisted Tales from Shakespeare Free read ì 102 From the title page in which Shakespeare's best known plays are presented in a new light the old light. Richard Armour clearly loves the work of Shakespeare and knows it well In Twisted Tales from Shakespeare he turns his talents to the mockery of six of Shakespeare s most famous plays along with the sonnetsThe results are not to be missed Here is Armour on A Midsummer Night s Dreamuite obviously A Midsummer Night s Dream was written for the court where people could be ordered to attend The central theme it is often pointed out is the irrational nature of love but let us not overlook the possibility of the irrational nature of Shakespeare And what the reader may ask of the characters If they seem a bit wooden it may be that Shakespeare wished them to feel at home in the forest where most of the action takes placeFollowed by this gemAn odd lot of people are assembled in Peter uince s carpenter shop in another part of Athens They are uince Nick Bottom a weaver especially when he is drunk Francis Flute a bellows mender Robert Starveling a tailor and Tom Snout a tinker though we are not told what he tinks about Also in the company naturally enough is Snug a joiner If the names of these people seem rather peculiar one must remember as Shakespeare didn t that they are GreeksI think this next one though is the one that gives the best sense of what it s like to read ArmourI ll run from thee Helena and hide me in the brakes threatens Demetrius The brakes will stop her he thinks to himself cunninglySome of the best laughs come from the study uestions Here s the last one on A Midsummer Night s Dream10 Suggest a appropriate title for this play For instance Much Ado about Nothing Or All s Well That EndsOK I can t resist one study uestion this one on Romeo and Juliet9 After viewing the corpses of Romeo and Juliet express your candid opinion of the critic who said that at the close of the play both hero and heroine are stronger and finer than at the beginning

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Richard Armour ✓ 2 Review Twisted Tales from Shakespeare Free read ì 102 Nded to contribute to a clearer misunderstanding of the subject Twistfully illustrated by Campbell Gra. A recent Goodwill find I LOVE Armour s silliness I remember using this book when I student taughta 21 year old teaching 18 year olds I had one class of gifted kids a couple of traditional college bound and one class of sweathogs kids who HAD to pass English only three years were reuired so most kids didn t even take English 4 or they wouldn t graduate One boy read 80 words a minute and one boy ONLY came to school on Fridays Teaching MACBETH to those three very different groups of kids cemented my love for struggling learners My Sweathogs were prepared every day kids were expected to read outside of class and they did they understood the over the top emotions I remember one day finding a phonograph record yes I am OLD of the scene where MacDuff discovers his children and wife have been murderedthe Sweathogs were the only group to really connect with that horrible loss I was in loveI shared Armour s version of MACBETH with all my classes but again the privileged kids in Miller High School were unmoved I instinctively knew even then one of the reasons to read great literature was to be able to laugh at the inside jokes like Armour s twisted tales This book connects me right back to those kids and the strong bonds that MACBETH or the SCOTTISH PLAY created for us allMy kids giggled over the jokes about Lady Macbeth because they KNEW the originalFinding this book published in 1957 with a price of 175 printed on the front took me back instantly to that hot fall in Northwest IndianaThis time I read all his retellings and see HAMLET and ROMEO AND JULIET would be eually successful in our classrooms Will be taking this to school Makes me smile that I own a copy again

Richard Armour ✓ 2 Review

Richard Armour ✓ 2 Review Twisted Tales from Shakespeare Free read ì 102 Having blown a fuse together with introductions uestions appendices and other critical apparatus inte. Fun pun laden and sometimes cringeworthy This was great brain candy

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