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REVIEW Content Strategy for the Web REVIEW Õ DDTUST-UDA.RU ✓ Kristina Halvorson Kristina Halvorson ✓ 1 FREE READ If your website content is out of date off brand and out of control you're missing a huge opportunity to engage convert and retain customers online Redesigning your home page won't help Investing in a new content management system won't fix it either So where do you start Without meaningful content your website isn't worth much to your key audiences But creating and caring for meaningful content is far The most important thing I realised when I read this book is You are on the web You are publisherWell the author said that if you or your organization has a web site then you are a publisher but I guess my claim could also hold in this web 20 times or are we already 30 One other thing to keep in mind is that this is not a book about web writing It s about content strategy for the webContent strategy consists of creation delivery governanceThis book specifically deals with how to plan the content strategy how to create a content but don t expect to learn how to write for your web site governing the contentThe whole book is written with the presumption that youyour organization is already on the web or has a web site Which seems like a must today for everybody So if we follow the most important thing to remember from this book about being a publisher this means that everybody today already is a publisher I guess that s not far away from the facts And if you are a publisher and want to be successful publisher you need a content strategy This book definitely helped me to rethink my own blog and about my company s web content If I already talk about a web site to me it was interesting to realize that a mid sized web site was one that has 200 to 1200 pages And inside such a web site for example it is pretty straightforward clear that you should develop your linking strategy Or will you use automated linking service like Zemanta for exampleWhen delivering content we have options to choose between original content aggregated content co created content licensed content user generated contentAnd I was impressed to realise how many people profiles could actually be engaged in content creation The list of profiles is content reuesters content providers content creators content reviewers content approvers content publisherAnd if it that is not enough once your web site is live you could need profiles like web editor in chief web editor web writer search engine optimization strategist reviewers and approversFrom the numerous profiles above it is clear that copy is not content In content creation there are numerous profiles involved And author goes further in claiming that user experience UX design is not the answer to a successful web site but the collaboration across disciplines That in my opinion is the reason why this is not such an easy task actuallyFor some professional be that marketing communications or other it might be interesting to realise where content strategy stand when compared to brand strategy Well content strategy is not about the talk It s about how you walk the talk And messages from your brand strategy are not your contentThere is one other news to have in mind when you have a web site Your content is never really finished Sorry says author of this book Kristina Halvorson And one other piece of advice Take your social media efforts like a commitment not like a campaign So stop thinking launch Start thinking lifecycle I couldn t agree And for almost a gig like me it was interesting to see two diagrams One is How to measure content effectiveness Diagram was developed at the Content Delivery Analysis LtdFor the end of this review only one remark from the author If your are some kind of web professional you probably saw a diagram the Elements of user experience Well I didn t And the author recommends to not think of content as a feature as maybe it could be said from this diagram originally developed by Jesse James Garrett

REVIEW Õ DDTUST-UDA.RU ✓ Kristina Halvorson

Content Strategy for the Web

REVIEW Content Strategy for the Web REVIEW Õ DDTUST-UDA.RU ✓ Kristina Halvorson Kristina Halvorson ✓ 1 FREE READ Complicated than we're often willing to acknowledge Content Strategy for the Web explains how to create and deliver useful usable content for your online audiences when and where they need it most It also shares content best practices so you can get your next website redesign right on time and on budget For the first time you'll See content strategy and its business value explained in plain languageFi A little old but still a fine handbook for all Content Media Strategists Content Strategy is the live essential plan for any communication plan

Kristina Halvorson ✓ 1 FREE READ

REVIEW Content Strategy for the Web REVIEW Õ DDTUST-UDA.RU ✓ Kristina Halvorson Kristina Halvorson ✓ 1 FREE READ Nd out why so many web projects implode in the content development phase and how to avoid the associated unnecessary costs and delaysLearn how to audit and analyze your contentMake smarter achievable decisions about which content to create and howFind out how to maintain consistent accurate compelling content over timeGet solid practical advice on staffing for content related roles and responsibilities I truly have no understanding of the different roles people play and the different workflows that exist within large firms that handle the creation of web sites web presences Information architecture user experience design graphic design programmers etc They re all a mystery to me That was my biggest problem while reading through this book I think the 2 person team I work in makes it hard to think of the different roles that could be played if we had manpower Nonetheless this book was helpful Favorite uotesTidbits Your brand is what users think and feel about your organization Whatever brand characteristics your organization chooses the way in which your messages are delivered your online tone of voice makes an enormous difference in the way your users perceive your organization and your messagesVoice and tone are the most flexible components of your brand To write truly effective web content a writer needs to care deeply about and take responsibility for helping online readers find information and complete tasks The web writer s mission Useful usable content that s also enjoyable It s her job to begin a conversation with the reader that results in mutually beneficial outcomes all around A problem solved An article found A connection made

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