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The Finest Type of English Womanhood Free download Á 100 Together each with her own agenda the girls find their lives inextricably entangled with fatal conseuences A highly accomplished startling debut The Finest Type of English Womanhood is a chilling portrait of racial tension social immorality betrayal and love and an assured and atmospheric examination of the end of innocen. it was well written i guess as it did pull me in and I carried on reading as wanted to find out what happened However didnt particularly like the book not one character was likeable and all were very flawed BAck cover said excellent on the lure of South Africa but i dont think it did really explain it

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The Finest Type of English Womanhood Free download Á 100 It's 1946 and seventeen year old Laura Trelling is stagnating in her dilapidated Sussex family home while her uietly eccentric parents slip further into isolation Then she meets Paul Lovell a chance encounter that will change the course of her destiny and bring her a new life in pre apartheid South Africa Three years earl. This is the sort of book that you can end up with when your bookstore is running a buy two get one free deal You ve picked up the two that you want to read and are looking for the third free one The choices are limited but you re less picky because you re getting it for free So you pick a book with a catchy title Catchy to me at least I thought I should find out what the finest type of English womanhood looks like since I live in England nowThe book has a decent plot supposedly inspired by true events and is a very easy read I wouldn t have minded watching a 90 minute movie based on it but reading it was a disappointment for the most part

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The Finest Type of English Womanhood Free download Á 100 Ier and many miles north sixteen year old Gay Gibson is no less desperate to escape England Gay's heart is set on stardom but first she must find a way out of Birkenhead and the dreary prospect of secretarial college When their paths cross in Johannesburg Laura is exposed to Gay's wild life of parties and liaisons Thrown. In the late 1940s the paths of two young Englishwomen cross when they move to start new lives in South Africa Laura has uickly met and married Paul so must move in with his parents and put up with her husband s many absences and political ideas Gay wants a career on stage and screen and doesn t care how she gets itThe jumping off point for this is a true story of a notorious legal case I didn t know about this until I d finished the book so it s safe to say you don t need to have heard about it to enjoy the novelI enjoyed the book and read it uite uickly The device of seeing South Africa through Laura s eyes is a successful one as it allows Rachel Heath to tell us in detail about things that we don t know about I did find Laura too drippy at times and wanted to give her a good shake but also found Gay a bit too much larger than life these portrayals seemed realistic though and say something about the options for British women just after the Second World War The male characters don t in the main come out of the novel wellAn interesting book worth reading for the characters plot and for the historical context

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