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READ ô Abaddón el Exterminador FREE READ Ù DDTUST-UDA.RU ☆ Ernesto Sabato Así en la cúspide de su grandeza esta vasta obra totalizadora culmina y comprende todo el arte sabatiano y la hondura de su indagación existencial Abaddón el exterminador fue galardonado en París como el mejor libro extranjero publicado en Francia en 19 The title of this book is deceiving in my opinion It s also a hard book to catalogue My recommendation is to go only if you are a die hard fan of Sabato you want to know about his philosophy and you just finished reading sobre h roes y tumbas Otherwise skip Another approach that I did was to select what you wanted to read They whole story is fragmented anyway so you can actually get away with this

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READ ô Abaddón el Exterminador FREE READ Ù DDTUST-UDA.RU ☆ Ernesto Sabato Abaddón el Exterminador cierra la trilogía iniciada en El túnel y proseguida en Sobre héroes y tumbas Desarrollando en su más amplio registro la metáfora del «Informe sobre ciegos» esta insólita y profunda novela hace ingresar a Ernesto Sabato en el First published in Argentina in 1974 The Angel of Darkness by Ernesto Sabato is probably the greatest overlooked novel of the twentieth century For example 39 reviews here on Goodreads compared to 22367 for One Hundred Years of Solitude and 17603 for The Old Man and the Sea I recall with fascination Allen Josephs 1991 New York Times book review back when The Angel of Darkness was first translated into English In his review Mr Josephs wrote It s no surprise that the fictional Sabato s biography which serves as a skeletal plot parallels Mr Sabato s own life and career In piecemeal fashion we reconstruct Sabato s friendships and animosities his countless fears and phobias his abandonment of physics for literature in Paris of the late 1930s the publication to acclaim of his first novel The Tunnel in 1948 the publication of his second novel On Heroes and Tombs in 1961 his growing status as an intellectual celebrity as an essayist and curmudgeon as the subject of doctoral dissertations and so forthHere are a number of snapshots from the book that have remained with me since my first reading nearly thirty years ago As I reread the novel over the past few weeks Sabato s literary strobe light flashes invaded my mind and heart with even sharpness and impact In Buenos Aires tipsy from drinking his glasses of anise liueur Natalicio stumbles out of a bar late at night and walks toward the docks down by the sea Raising his eyes to his horror he sees a firey dragon spread out across the sky the monster spewing fire from each of its seven heads Natalicio faints In many sections of the book the narrator simply refers to Sabato as S perhaps taking advantage of the serpentine shape of the capital letter S returns from a public talk and reflects on how for those two tortuous hours it was as though he d stripped off every shred of his clothing put all his scabs on display for a roomful of superficial dolts As bad as his skin underneath was even worse like everyone else he lived his life of dreams and secret vices Below in the subterranean depths the grotesue throng the wicked evil piling up of darkness S is interviewed for a magazine and wonders if those around him realize they are talking to a Sabato substitute a usurping clown the real Sabato grows increasingly isolated and distant senses he is drifting out to sea and is incapable of so much as signaling to the last passing ship that he is drowning Meanwhile behind the scenes journalists leak the news he had leprosy as a way of tricking a head editor into publishing an article on him in a leading newspaper He d left science to write fiction like some nice housewife that suddenly decides to go into drugs and prostitution What had led him to invent those stories And what was it they actually were Generally speaking fiction was considered a kind of mystification a not altogether serious undertaking Professor Houssay the Nobel Prize winner had refused to shake hands with Sabato when he heard of his decision Ernesto Sabato The Angel of DarknessIn one of the many discussions on the nature of literature the arts and creativity Sabato proclaims how a novelist as creator is in every facet of the novel everything is chosen plot setting landscape mood It s not like what Plato says in The Republic that God created the archetype of a table the carpenter builds a copy and the artist paints a copy of a copy No Such a production is mere imitative art All great art is completely opposite not a reduction of life but an invigoration of life a giver of lifeS continues there is always an ongoing tension and interaction between life and art between truth and things like pretense deception and cunning When literature is reduced to the level of mere manipulation of words or trite playing of games as if by magic instantly there materializes a life enhancing infusion of energy to save it from staleness and death For every Byzantine cleverness a Hemingway or C line appears on the scene to set things straight How do you explain a B la Bart k string uartet Sabato remarks Myth like art is a language It expresses a certain type of reality in the only way that reality can be expressed and it is irreducible to any other form of language That s why in many respects I do not enjoy or give much attention to literary theory any attempt to place literature especially a form such as the novel in preconceived conceptual categories to my mind smacks of the worst reductionism Yes there it was that face through which the soul of S looked out on and suffered the Universe like a man sentenced to death looking out between the bars Ernesto Sabato The Angel of DarknessIn a dream seuence we see the set for a popular television show starring the one and only Pipo Mancera For today s special occasion Pipo appears in a sparkling white wedding gown The studio audience applauds wildly Then none other than Jorge Luis Borges looking natty in his tuxedo takes his place on the set as the best man Finally after several moments anticipation the groom appears short scrawny spindly legged Ernesto Sabato wearing only his underwear As if on cue the audience hoots and jeers laughs and guffaws at this pathetic excuse for a man All falls silent and the wedding ceremony commences Another notable uote from Mr Josephs review The Angel of Darkness has a huge cast of eccentric characters from every walk of Argentine life including many from Mr Sabato s second novel even the ghost of its deceased main character All the ghastly obsessions from that novel are here too slime filth lizards snakes rats cockroaches weasels and above all the obsessive morbid hideously rendered Sect of the Blind which had obsessed Fernando the paranoid character in the previous novel and which now obsesses and persecutes his creatorOn the first page of the novel Bruno observes his friend S cross a dangerous intersection without the least concern for cars or busses without so much as looking in either direction What has happened Eventually we have our answer there s a detailed description of how Sabato s feet shrivel up into the black claws of a bat Sabato s legs and torso and finally arms and head follow the literary man has been transformed into a revolting hideous four feet high winged rat a bat complete with repulsive looking bat wings and bat sonar replacing his eyesAh now I understand why that erudite New York Times review by Allen Josephs was titled Bat Man of Argentina I hope my review bringing the grand total of Goodread reviews to 40 will prompt a number of readers to seek out this classic and give its pages a careful read He leafed through the hundreds of pages outlines outlines of outlines variations on outlines all as contradictory and incoherent as his own soul Dozens of characters were waiting there like reptiles sleeping catatonic through the cold months of the year the life in them imperceptible silent secret latent though they might be ready to sting inject their venom the moment warmth restored them to their fuller existence Ernesto Sabato The Angel of Darkness


READ ô Abaddón el Exterminador FREE READ Ù DDTUST-UDA.RU ☆ Ernesto Sabato ámbito mismo de la escritura y lo incorpora como personaje en una compleja construcción técnica cuyo juego de perspectivas remite a la vez a la realidad de un tiempo de apocalipsis y a las simas anímicas donde bucea el poder visionario del acto creador A 5 stars rating doesn t do this book any justice Goodreads should implement an Excellency rating option

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