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Free read ☆ Saltwater Moons ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Julie Gittus In the beginning it seems so simple A poem in the mail A weekend invitation to the coast But when Sun says yes to a midnight walk her life becomes suddenly com. I want to go visit Australia I don t know if everyone lives by the ocean and eats olive pat and uince paste and puts grapes in their salads or serves lime blossom tea with honey but I d really like to find out Saltwater Moons certainly makes Melbourne seem like a beautiful place to live Sunday is visiting her crush Tycho s parents house on the coast and she is drawn to romantic lure of surf and sand and moonlight as well as increasingly attracted to the boy who invited her One night when he s acting distant however she finds herself headed down a path she never expectedand the conseuences of her choice resonate with all the people she cares about the mostSun is a very typical teenager She feels intense emotions ranging from the dizzy excitement of being attracted to two boys as well as the all consuming anger and pain of being rejected She s also unsure of herself confused by what to make of mixed signals reckless headstrong and deceptive Honestly sometimes it was really hard to sympathize with her because some of the choices she makes are so hurtful and careless and clearly deliberately done in retaliation for her own insecurity But this is said as an adult with 2020 hindsight Most of Sunday s actions and reactions feel emotionally true to that heedless period in your life when it seems as if the world might end if you don t act uickly and get those emotions out of your system nowI find it really hard to get over her behavior towards her friend Nicky however And I am upset that any girl would exchange letters and poems with a boy do kids really do this who s so darned nice to her but still seesaws so wildly in her affections with him But again none of this is unbelievable or hard to imagine in fact it s far too easy to remember the urge to act just this way I m just not sure how much I actually enjoy reading about stuff like this as I tend to like my escapist YA fiction to be infused with a little joy and a little happinessI m probably in the minority on that front however The writing is very appealing and I m sure that the angsty premise will be very relatable to many other readers who may enjoy this a little than I did I m still awarding it 3 stars for the prose as well as the painfully realistic emotions of what it feels like to be a teenagerMy heartfelt thanks to Missie and Nic for sending this book along as part of the Go Aussie Book Tour I really appreciate having the opportunity to read such great Australian YA literature thanks to their generosity So many of these titles will never make it to the US or will take years to get here so it s wonderful to be exposed to authors we might otherwise never find

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Free read ☆ Saltwater Moons ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Julie Gittus He fact she continues to exchange poems with her boyfriend's best mate It's a story about love and betrayal about constantly longing for the things we can't ha. Aussie Book challenge 2011 635starsSaltwater Moons is a book about messy teenage actions and the conseuences and lessons of those actions It s about the confusion of firsts betrayal and ultimately self discovery This book actually really surprised me once it was all said and done I liked it but at the same time it felt unsettlingly Julie Gittus pens a very conflicting plot uickening the emotions in her readers from rage to hope which is my favorite part of reading so while I didn t uite agree with some of the choices in this story I was still very much invested to seeing where it would goThis book was character driven then anything else which I actually liked since it worked for this kind of storyline Funny enough I didn t hate Mark I didn t particularly like him either but I was prepared to hate him after reading a few reviews I agree that he s a jerk and could be a total asswipe and I didn t like a lot of things he said and did with Sun but I found him to be very realistic character sad but true He definitely liked his fill of sex which at first I thought that s all he wanted but in his own warped way I could see that he actually cared about Sun I m not excusing his self absorbed ways mind you just recognizing him for the guy he is and the man that he could have been He had his moments both good and bad As for Sun she seemed to confuse me throughout the story and yet I understood her most of all She never seemed very happy to be with Mark and yet she stayed with him It almost felt like she was settling couldn t be with the guy she wants so she just went through the motions with Mark letting him pull her along on strings but then there were times that she seemed happy as well Then there were her feeling for Tycho which oddly enough was never explored fully Sun was a very conflicting character and I don t think she actually knew what she wanted which I guess is true enough when your a teenager handling the pressures of relationships There isn t a lot I have to say about Tycho He seems like a nice guy and I liked how they shared poetry but there wasn t much of him in this book to gather an actual connectionAll in all I really enjoyed this book It s a story about longing and wanting but I don t believe that this story as anything to do with love Sun cared for both Mark and Tycho in different ways and in their own way they cared for Sun But I think this book has to do with the idea of love and the possibilities of hope I might have not always agreed with what was said and done in this book but it s a completely compelling read from start to finishShout out to twine Nic for sharing another Aussie experience and to Alexa for sending it hugs

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Free read ☆ Saltwater Moons ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Julie Gittus Plicated Saltwater Moons tells the story of Sun Langley during her final months of Year Twelve There's the intensity of her first relationship complicated by t. Another Aussie HitIt s a true testament to how much I enjoy a book when I forego an entire sunny afternoon to curl up on my couch and read a book from beginning to end in one sitting I find I do that uite often with books penned by Aussie writers It s like there s a magic and realism about them Something like tuning into a story you re already familiar with to get another few chapters of someone s life someone you feel you know and a story that seems so real I don t know how else to put it but that s what these books do to me and Saltwater Moons is no exceptionNow I have to admit up front that I noticed this story caused some heated emotions for some of my Street Corner Booker friends and I didn t feel the same way I m not uite sure if it was the protagonist or her boyfriend that raised these emotions in them but I felt tuned into the three main characters and I had a bag load of sympathy for each of them at the ready I really came to like Sun Tycho pronounced TySHO and even Mark in some form or fashion They each had a sort of vulnerability that was expressed so honestly that I wanted to give them all a big hug So as far as the cast of characters go they were awesome I m probably one of the only Bookers that came to like Mark Now don t get me wrong what he did at the end was wrong but the entire time I saw him for what he was sad flawed and somehow broken to the point that you really had to look closely to sense his desperation and that broke my heart I wish he didn t do that one thing that was meant to destroy his character at the end but other than that he was your typical guy that makes mistakes when it comes to girls lust and love I tried to understand why Sun made the choice she made that sealed her fate between her and Tycho and I don t think it was a strong enough reason to set Tycho aside but she realized that Tycho was definitely someone that deserved then he got but unfortunately he didn t cease the moment and it passed him right by But I did have hope for Sun and Ty at the end after all was said and doneOverall the storyline was right up my alley This book to me is about beauty and hope and most importantly wanting something that seems unreachable It s also about betrayal and learning to trust again all the real feelings that come with loving someone you can t have and being with someone that doesn t feel uite right Julie Gittus manages to share all of these feelings without rushing the story Her pace and delivery has that special element that you feel you re deep into the story and before you know it the main character is ending her narrative and you don t feel hurried along or left with a sense of longing It s wrapped up not in a pretty bow but packaged in a way that you feel completeThank you so much to my Aussie Booker Angel Nic for sending this all the way from Australia What would I do without you HUGS Now it s off to Germany to be enjoyed by the rest of the Street Corner D PS To all of the Aussie writers out there there s something simply magical about the stories you share They might not all be earth shattering or life changing but definitely special and emotional in the best kind of way So keep drinking the water or eating the vegemite basically keep doing whatever it is you do that fills the pages you write with that something special that makes me crave just one page before I close my eyes at night just one page May the well never run dry down under sighSong choice Blue October Picking up the Pieces

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