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free read Abduction ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB review ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ Varian Krylov Varian Krylov Ñ 6 read For years college student Devan Astor has penned erotic stories based on her dark fantasies but when she's abducted she is faced with the real terror of being at the mercy of a cruel stranger. While I love a dark story lately I ve had trouble connecting with the stories and characters Usually the characters are underdeveloped and the dark elements are overplayed for shock value I have to say that wasn t the case with this story Yet I still didn t feel a strong connection with this story Abduction tells the story of a college aged girl Devan that is abducted and taken to an extremely rural cabin Her abductor Conrad has read many sexual fantasies that Devan had written and published online under different pen names He believes that he is doing Devan a favor by acting out her darkest desiresBefore Conrad can finish everything that he had planned for Devan she manages to escape Devan eventually winds up at a vacant cabin miles away from Conrad s cabin When the cabin s owner arrives unexpectantly Devan finds herself in danger once againAfter days spent befriending Vaughn the cabin s owner the two settle into a routine Vaughn still isn t sure that Devan isn t a groupie that has stalked him to his mountain getaway However he gradually lets his guard down enough to begin growing close to DevanJust as Devan and Vaughn seem to be headed for romance Devan s past comes back to haunt them Conrad has found Devan and has no intention of letting her go Now both Devan and Vaughn are subject to Conrad s twisted desiresWhile this story was twisted and suspenseful at times I have to admit that I spent a lot of time skimming It seemed to drag on forever I was sure it would never endI love a well developed story but there is such a thing as too much For me this book crossed into that territory It was just so wordy I found myself bored even during some of the kinkiest scenes Not goodThat being said I vacillated between a 2 star and 4 star rating The premise was great The story had just the type of dark disturbing mind fuckery that I love However it moved incredibly slowly and I found myself losing interest with all of the unnecessary information that didn t add to the story in my opinion In the end I settled on 3 stars

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free read Abduction ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB review ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ Varian Krylov Varian Krylov Ñ 6 read Red by the experiences that so closely match her own fantasies or will she discover fulfillment she never imagined Warning This title contains elements of nonconsensual sex anal sex and mm sex. I don t know what is it that makes people recommend me books like these I pride myself that I ll read almost anything but now I m wonderingI m just kidding people recommend awayAnyways Abduction It completely messed with my head No nothing to do with these overly long graphic sex scenes that in all honesty aren t that shocking I ve definitely read worse for lack of a better word in erotica but the psychological aspect of it was seriously disturbingIt confused my beliefs I swear my mind was running rampant it s wrong but he s not really hurting any of them but it s still not right but they re both ultimately enjoying it but it s still against their will but they both secretly want it to happen but it s WRONG WRONG WRONG so shut up MIND WRONGConrad was one seriously effed up mother effer I can t even begin to tell you how much I wanted him dead His weird fascination with Devan his seriously disturbing mind games it was like an experiment of some sort for him I mean IMAGINE THE GALL Of this person Who thinks it s in his right To do something like this Just imagine how delusional you have to be to think it s okay to play with people like that To be so confident to think you ll get out of it alive Though I have to admit objectively some of the things he did said they made sense in a twisted logical kind of way That s what kills meBeing in his head was seriously twisted I mean so so weirdI won t tell you what happens with Conrad But I was not a happy camper I needed Devan I don t even know I liked her characterization until I saw her out in the free world At certain points you ll see she turns from this fumbling teenager to a seductress and it just seemed so unbelievable Yeah I m sure she knew what she liked by then but the whole thing just fell flatI think I understand her conflicting emotions about the whole Conrad thing I usually don t like heroines that find comfort through sexual satisfaction But she was held captive by this man that didn t bring her pleasure he introduced her to it That is confusing I think The opposition of the whole thing Held captive but he took care of her in a way Didn t really hurt her in a traditional violent sense Kind of bribed her with this pleasure into doing things instead of making her do themAnd then Vaughn I loved Vaughn I really did He was ultimately a good man with some sick twisted fantasies and a disturbing past I really don t want to talk about him in this review because in a way he was just a victim of circumstances He was manipulated bribed and confused By Conrad by Devan evenA recurring thing in this book is a body s biological response to sexual stimulation despite your brain being against it I can t say I like the way it was handled but it seemed accurateDid I like the love story I would have maybe if the book ended after they were freed It was lovely watching them open up to each other trusting with their darkest secrets It s insta love but not really considering Then they get back And it all falls apartBecause the writingFirst thing s first the last maybe 8% of this book should never have happened Not because of the sex itself but because it was pointless completely redundant and it took away from the original story shifted it to something completely unrelatedI m not a writer but as a reader I can honestly say that there comes a point when I feel a book should naturally end Like that one point where you think this is itThis book didn t finish where it should haveActually the book is so long I felt like DNF ing even if I wanted to know what happens It was completely unnecessarily WAY too long It could have been at least 50% shorter A good writer would have and probably has written this story in half as much words A good editor would have polished this book to brillianceI m not trying to insult the author or the editor whatever A for the idea Brilliant But what started out as a compelling read just didn t deliverThere were some inconsistencies The guns what of them Devan acts as if Conrad was punishing her for crying protesting that he was cruel to her because of it like really hurting her and stuff He never was not really If anything he comforted her I know it sounds weird But that s how I saw itA seriously convenient coincidence that Vaughn and Devan should end up holed up together like that I mean what are the odds with his past and her whole thing with ConradAlso what are the odds of that happening to Vaughn on two completely unrelated occasions Very slim I thinkSo much head hopping it was making me dizzy Three POVs in three conseuent sentences EDIT YOUR BOOK You cannot be in everyone s head at the same time You have to be one hell of a writer to pull it offEndless sex scenes Not the amount of them but the length of every sex scene I ll admit some of them were kind of hot But every single time I just wished it would be over alreadyAnd then when it was all finally over and done NOTHING No resolution whatsoever They come back live their life Have endless sex again That s it No resolution Life doesn t make any sense I was like THAT S ITNo it s not Anal play rape fantasies toys bondage menage swinging voyeurism gay sex It s all in the last 10% of the book completely unnecessaryIf you read this book stop reading after their reunion And then google porn It will make sense than reading what s left of it It was like she wrote a bunch of various sex scenes and just had to stuff them somewhere so eh why not at the end of the book That s why people read erotica right WRONGDo I recommend this book I just don t know I liked it in a perverse masochistic way It s just so long it took me two days to read it And the non resolution is just not worth that much timeI sure hope this review will make sense to anyone that reads it I m not going back to reread it and see if it does I m done with this bookedit Oh and FFS is it even realistic that the book should end like this It was a traumatic experience I don t care how much of a sick individual you are this asks for therapy

review ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ Varian Krylov

free read Abduction ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB review ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ Varian Krylov Varian Krylov Ñ 6 read She flees but in the remote cabin where she takes refuge will she encounter a danger even frightening than the kidnapper who is still hunting her At the end of her ordeal will she be left scar. Krylov is the only writer I ve encountered who can overwrite in an efficient and tight manner I absorb her prose with green eyes Beyond her grasp of the craft she exceeds at character psychology This is a biting tale of a girl s internal struggle with her captivity her abductor s compelling point of view and a discovery of desire A twisted ride overran with perversions stomach flinging terror and surprisingly warm sensuality I sank so deep into the mental complexity of the situation I lost the ability to interpret my moral compass

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