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Summary Tagebuch Suiten 1898 1902 characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ Alma Mahler-Werfel Alma Mahler-Werfel ¸ 4 Download Ander Zemlinsky Gustav Klimt and Max Burckhard In 1902 she married Gustav Mahler After his death she married Walter Gropius had a liaison with Oskar Kokoschka and later married Franz Werfel As a young girl she began writing a diary This selection from four yea. It is hard to grade a work like this as even when it gets petty pretentious name dropping it gives you a feel not only of the person but of the milieu of the person She has been criticised for her lack of honesty but it is perhaps what she is trying to claim that gives you a snapshot of the early 20th century Austrian arts world She can manage to somehow get married to Jews twice yet at the same time sympathises and associates with fascists for example but the schizoid nature of this is probably closer to historic reality than those commentators would like to admit Her most interesting claimthat Mahler stifled her music career has been shown not to be strictly accurate although I suspect there is an underlying truth in there but is interesting in its depiction of traditional misogyny and romance Mahler fell deeply in love with her suggesed she support him musically but had no concept of her as an artist in her own right and ridiculed her composing ambitions She claimed he controlled her life but she seems to be chafing against the old values as well as Mahler the person He later regretted this and whilst some might see weirdly racist Svengali vibes in her depiction of their marriage you see out of the corner of the canvas Mahler as this flawed yet sympathetic individual who had this constant sense of being racially and socially ineligible and who presented her with a flawed ideology of the muse that she kept hold of but which must have placed heavy demands on them both Her infidelity must have contributed to his stressful early death but it is as if in order to survive psychologically she has to believe he was the villain The later stuff was harder to follow up just because I didn t know a lot of the people described apart from Oskar Kokoshka until the end with the Anschluss and WWII and her flight to America and her last happiest marriage to Franz Werfel You sense that she feels that with Werfel she has put things right she has learnt from her past At the time I can imagine this being a smash hit just for people reading the descriptions and put downs of so many famous artists thinkers society figures she cheerily reveals Benjamin Britten s boyfriend for example something perhaps scandalous in the 1950s

characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ Alma Mahler-WerfelTagebuch Suiten 1898 1902

Summary Tagebuch Suiten 1898 1902 characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ Alma Mahler-Werfel Alma Mahler-Werfel ¸ 4 Download Rs of that diary gives a breathtaking and breathless account of cultural life in Vienna at the turn of the twentieth century With their mixture of beady eyed observation and impassioned confession the pages of Alma Mahler Werfel's diary make for gripping readi. Leider sehr entt uschend keine sympatische Person und nicht gut zu lesen vielleicht auch weil der Herausgeber viele ihrer B sartigkeiten streichen musste

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Summary Tagebuch Suiten 1898 1902 characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ Alma Mahler-Werfel Alma Mahler-Werfel ¸ 4 Download Born in 1879 in Vienna Alma Mahler Werfel was the daughter of the popular landscape painter Emil J Schindler Her stepfather Carl Moll was instrumental in forming the Secession movement and she became the pupil friend and lover of many famous men including Alex. When you were born and raised in Vienna hardly any literature is uite as depressing as the one that makes you feel and understand just how incredible Vienna was between 1900 and the First World Wartruly it was the capital of the greatest artists alive held alive by an endlessly intelligent passionate and cultured civilisation Alma Mahler was the Muse of some of the most promising artists alive at the time and this insight into their lives is truly a remarkable readhave to admit I really cried at the end when she moves to New York widowed from Franz Werfel at the pinnacle of this painful yet extremely colourful and fascinating journey of art and love Wow

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